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The Lord Can Bring Inescapable Evil


The Lord Can Bring Inescapable Evil

The Lord Can Bring Inescapable Evil

The Lord is kind, compassionate, and long suffering, but once one has ignored God’s mercy, things can and will go bad, as it did for the children of Israel.

The Lord can bring inescapable evil when one’s time is up.

This is what happened to the Canaanites and Amorites, this is what happened Sodom and Gomorrah, and even the entire creation with the exception of Noah and his family.

This is what nearly happened to the city of Nineveh when Jonah went and warned them; God will send inescapable evil to anyone who does not repent.

Even if they cry to the Lord, God will not hear them because there is a certain point when God closes the door.

Moses in getting into the land, Saul as king of Israel, and the example with the ten virgins. Keep this in mind when you are dealing with the Lord King and God of Israel.

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