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Debunked Hebrews and Israel of the Bible Today Documentary

I ran into this documentary and I was very fond of the presentation as well as the knowledge base by Pastor Ruben Lewis. Take the time to listen and allow the Spirit to speak to you of the messages it portrays to your heart. Since this is a hot topic today, we want a very educational approach to this.

What does it really mean for a “black” person to say, “I’m an Israelite.” Why does this identification cause so much chaos? Are “black” people truly the original Hebrew Israelites the Bible spoke of? If not, then who are you? If not, then who are the so-called “black” people? Take a few minutes to watch a preview of our upcoming documentary with Pastor Ruben Lewis.

In this documentary, Pastor Ruben Lewis will be answering the following questions:

1. So you believe that Black people in America are the true Hebrews from biblical times? How did you come to this conclusion or what would you say promoted you in the direction of this knowledge?

2. We know that you’ve been studying and teaching this truth for years now. Can you sum up the top three reasons that this knowledge is important to us in 2021?

3. Can you give us a brief summary of the timeline of Hebrew Israelites that can be supported with scripture?  

4. To that person that would argue that those scriptures are not applicable to the so-called blacks – where is the first place you would suggest they began their own study that would prove without a shadow of a doubt blacks are the true Hebrew Israelites?

5. What do you feel we as people who are in the knowledge can do to bring awareness to this message?

6. A common thing we see from some Israelite communities is hatred for whites and aggression. Where do you believe this stems from and how can we draw people to the truth without seeming prideful and hateful?

7. What would you say is the most important goal/vision there is to gain from us as blacks understanding and accepting this knowledge? In other words – why does it matter? (Is the Word/law/statutes still applicable to us as Hebrews more so than everyone else?)

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    • Absolutely, I personally thank you for the labor you and the entire ministry at Witness Legend have done and continue to do. Enrichments to you and glory to the Eternal Father.

      Minister Koko

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