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Was Jesus A Man Of Color And Why This Question Matters More

Was Jesus a man of color and why this question matters more than ever today in melting pot countries like the United States. First off, welcome to, your online Bible Study supplement source. Today we dive into a topic I saw on Yahoo based on Easter or Resurrection Sunday that just past. The analysis of this article was by John Blake of CNN.

This topic has become more mainstream as CNN and other networks will present it during those religious times of the year. Also because unlikely people are sporting or promoting Bibles.

However, in the vast complexity of human history and spirituality, the figure of Jesus stands out not only for his historical significance but for the universality of his message. Discussions about Jesus’s ethnicity may spark interest among people. They may also provide valuable context for understanding the man in his time. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that his teachings transcend ethnic boundaries.


Jesus is a figure deeply embedded in the narratives of several major world religions. He is often depicted in ways that reflect the cultural and ethnic identities of those who revere him.

For me, as a child, I somehow always viewed Christ as a superhero. He was a man, and despite “white” images of him everywhere, I never put a face or race to him. In retrospect, I believe I did this out of respect. Moses was fearful of looking a God; God sent Christ, I believed the same respect would be shown.

So to me, Christ was like a superhero, cape and all, face covered like Batman or Black Panther when he is fully suited up. My point is, I never saw Christ in any ethnic group. Around my teenage years, when one grows into him or herself, I began to believe he was like me, Nigerian.

Many Christians have this ideology without verbally saying or writing it as I just have. This diversity in representation, alone, speaks to the profound impact of his life and teachings across different societies. However, fixating solely on his ethnic background may inadvertently overshadow the essence of his message—a message centered on love, compassion, and the golden rule of treating others as one would wish to be treated.

Jesus’ Ethnicity Shouldn’t Be Thrown Out!

Acknowledging Jesus’s ethnicity is important, as it anchors him in the historical and cultural context of his time. It also provides insight into the challenges and experiences he might have faced. His ethnic background respects him and his connection to a lineage and people who live today. It also reflects a broader respect for diversity and the myriad ways in which human beings express their identity.

Yet, it’s equally important to remember that his teachings aimed to transcend these very boundaries. Jesus’s message was one of radical inclusivity, challenging the societal norms of his day and calling for a recognition of the inherent worth and dignity of every individual.

In a world marked by divisions—be they ethnic, cultural, or otherwise—the message of Jesus serves as a light of hope for unity and mutual respect. It reminds us that, while we may come from a multitude of backgrounds, we share a common humanity. The emphasis on love, kindness, and empathy in his teachings encourages us to look beyond superficial differences and to recognize the deeper connection that binds us all as part of a larger human family.

Indeed, humanity began as one family that has since splintered into a vibrant mosaic of ethnic groups and cultures. Therefore, Christ message to all humanity highlights the beauty of diversity within unity.

Appreciate but Overcome Differences…

Our differences in appearance, cuisine, lifestyle, and location enrich the human experience, offering a kaleidoscope of perspectives through which we can learn and grow. Yet, beneath these differences lies a universal capacity for love and compassion, a common thread that weaves through the fabrics of human existence.

The true measure of Jesus’s legacy, therefore, lies not in the particulars of his ethnic identity but in the enduring relevance of his message and truth. A message that calls upon us to recognize our shared humanity, to embrace our differences with respect and understanding, and to strive for a world where love and kindness prevail over division and discord.

In reflecting on the life and teachings of Jesus, let us remember that while we are many ethnic groups with diverse cultures, at the core, we are one family united by the timeless message of love.

Love and Grace to you this day,

Minister Koko

Consul General AKOPPI

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