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Daily Wisdom Guarding Against the Wicked

Guarding Against the Wicked Daily Wisdom

Peace and blessings from Bible Study Ministry,  this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Below are some scriptures  we believe are very thought worthy and helpful to our walk with the God of Heaven and Earth (Jesus). Although we are told to get understanding with all things, wisdom is the principle thing. It is wisdom that will prolong our days! God bless you today!

Daily Wisdom Bible Study – Guarding Against the Wicked

3 When the wicked cometh, then cometh also contempt, and with ignominy reproach.

The wicked have an attitude of being superior to others. They dishonor others because they feel they are better. This is a trait of a wicked person. It leads  to them criticizing others and finding fault in people all the time.

5 It is not good to accept the person of the wicked, to overthrow the righteous in judgment.

It’s not a wise thing to accept the wicked and run the righteous out of your midst.

6 A fool’s lips enter into contention, and his mouth calleth for strokes.

A fool is always in contention with people, and their ‘smart’ mouth keeps getting them in trouble. Have you ever seen people that say to themselves after they’ve gotten in trouble, “If I only kept my mouth shut!” This is the fool!

Using Daily Wisdom for Guarding Against the Wicked

7 A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.

Again, the fool cannot control their mouth. Watch a couple shows of Judge Judy court TV and you will see fools lined up out the door in each case she judges.

9 He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster.

People who waste a lot of time and people who are lazy are related in traits and character.

10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

There is safety and power in the name of the God of Israel.

11 The rich man’s wealth is his strong city, and as an high wall in his own conceit.

At times most rich people feel their wealth is their best trait, and it makes them conceited. Don’t boast about riches, because wealth has not let one person live forever!

Guarding Against the Wicked with Daily Wisdom

12 Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.

When you hear of stories of great people falling from greatness, one of the things you hear about them is their pride and arrogancy. And the one thing you hear about “normal” people who rise to greatness is their humble beginnings and the humility they have. Think about it.

13 He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.

Shame on you if you form your mouth to answer a question before you even hear the full question; it is foolish and shameful.

15 The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.

Prudent people are always seeking knowledge, likewise the wise as well!

16 A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

How true is this, when God gives you a gift, if you use it with true faith, it has the potential to bring you before great men. Pro athletes who win titles get to visit the White House and meet the head of state of the country. Great musicians get to play before great and powerful men and women as well. Use your gift!

That’s our daily wisdom Bible study for today, God bless you for viewing them, and God bless and establish you for applying them into your life daily. Don’t forget to look into other studies we have on our website, join our newsletter, if you have YouTube, subscribe to our YouTube Channelfollow us on Twitter, and like our Facebook page. We thank you and God bless you in Jesus name!

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