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Current Events: The US Economy and Dollar Will Impact Power Change

The US Economy and Dollar Will Impact Power Change

The US Economy and Dollar Will Impact Power Change

The USA has long been a powerhouse in the world because of it’s vast and superior economy and monetary value. It took it’s greater launch during the world wars, as Europe and many countries in the east had to clean up war damages.

While Europe was rebuilding, the USA took clear advantage of the economic and monetary opportunity. Through the years, Europe has rebounded thanks much to American greed and failed opportunities.

The stronghold the US still has over many nations is the US dollar. The US economy and dollar will impact a power change in the world, when or if the dollar collapses, as so many financial experts and businessmen predict.

What this means for the US and it’s citizens is drastic, as one of the main blood pumps of a nation is its economy. When economies collapse, for any reason, including a currency collapse, it means the people will struggle and experience very difficult times.

Many people believe this is a time that will house what is called in the scriptures as the “great tribulation,” where it will be difficult to buy or sell (without a mark).

BSM implores that people pay attention to world economic news. This will have impacts on all people as we progress towards the Lord’s Kingdom.

Here are some articles of reference to the US Dollar weakening.

Don’t Go Long with US Dollar...

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What do you think and know about how the economics of the world? And how do they play into the return of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ?



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