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Chapter Summary: Genesis Chapter 38 Summary

We are here with Genesis chapter 38 summary. This chapter began with the patriarch Judah, the son of Jacob. Judah, now a grown man, began to deal with the Canaanites of the land and even selected a daughter of a man named Hirah.

Her name was Shuah. They married and had children, three boys named Er, Onan, and Shelah. Judah gave his son a wife of Canaan named Tamar. Er was wicked before God and God had him killed. Onan was then by tradition to raise up seed for his brother Er with his widow Tamar. He refused and God killed him too.

Genesis Chapter 38 Summary

As Tamar waited for Shelah to grow up, Judah forgot to give Shelah, his third son, to her. Tamar took matters in her own hands and pretended to be a prostitute. Judah’s wife Shuah passed away and while being comforted, Judah went in to lay with Tamar (who presented herself as a prostitute).

She became pregnant and this caused problems because she wasn’t supposed to be unless she was “playing the whore,” according to tradition. However, she kept several items of Judah as collateral payment. Judah was the man.

She went from about to be burnt to being a hero. Judah realized that she was being more righteous than he was. She produced twin sons named Pharez and Zarah. This is the summary of Genesis chapter 38!


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