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Chapter Summary: 2 Samuel Chapter 13 Summary

The trouble in David’s house begins some time after his case with adultery against the Lord. Chapter thirteen begins with the introduction of some of David’s children and their troubling affairs.

Welcome to’s chapter summary series, if you need a quick summary of a chapter in the Bible, join us for the journey in our chapter summary series and learn a lot in the process. Now back to 2nd Samuel chapter 13 summary.

Here is how it’s reported in 2nd Samuel 13; David had a son named Absalom, who had a sister named Tamar (they both had the same mother and father). I have to point this out because David had plenty children and they all didn’t have the same mama (if you know what I mean).

2 Samuel Chapter 13 Summary

What I mean, for those who don’t know, is that David acted like a king from the other nations, he had plenty of wives who produced plenty of children for him. Okay, moving on. Amnon, another son of David (different mother than Absalom and Tamar), was in love with Absalom’s sister Tamar.

Sick with Love

Amnon was so much in love he was getting sick (probably mentally) over his love for her. Now Amnon had a friend (really an enemy) who subtly tried to help his buddy Amnon out, by having him get a one-on-one meeting with Tamar at the permission of the king, David.

Amnon does what his friend/enemy Jonadab (his cousin) suggest and pretends to be physically sick and persuades king David to send Tamar to visit him. Amnon had the room emptied of officials so that only Tamar remained.

He then made his request of love for Tamar, which she turned down, telling him such a request was abominable. She may have sensed some trouble coming, and played to his friendly side by asking him to seek the king’s permission. He wouldn’t listen and forced her and ultimately raped her.

It gets worse.

After he raped her, she told her to get out and hated her with a passion. She cried for him because she felt throwing her out was a worser offense than raping her to begin with.

He didn’t care and wasn’t having it and had his servants throw her out. Her brother Absalom enquires of what happened and she  tells him, which leads them to reporting it to the king, their dad. David was very upset but didn’t appear to do much about.

Absalom too, he played cool acting like it wasn’t a big deal, yet he devised a payback date for Amnon. Two years later, yes, two whole years later, he plans a get together with all the king’s sons in attendance.

Absalom Avenges His Sister

Absalom commanded his servants to kill Amnon once he was full with wine. It was carried out just as Absalom planned. Absalom fled to Geshur, where his mother and Tamar, his sister were from, and he stayed there three years.

Obviously, David didn’t like that his son had killed his other son, and the fact that Absalom had fled, but he was comforted concerning Amnon being dead, because it was previously reported that all his sons were killed.

This is the troubling summary of 2nd Samuel, chapter 13.


*BSM would like to make a note and public stance against rape, abuse, and molestation in our world. If you know someone who may be in an abusive situation, report it to authorities for them to receive help. Don’t forget to offer sincere prayers. Let’s treat our women and girls well, with love and respect. No more Tamar situations is our stance. Stand with us!

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