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Study Topic: This Honour Have All His Saints

When Jesus Christ takes over the earth and executes power over the nations, He won’t do it alone. We alluded to this in the beginning of this study topic.

The Lord will have angels with Him, and the Lord Jesus will have His Saints with Him also. He’ll also have the Father’s full backing as always; therefore the Lord cannot and will not lose.

Welcome to (BSM), your online bible study supplement source. Today we’re still exploring the concept of having power over the nations as mentioned by Jesus Christ! It is part of our study topic features, where we study a topic in the Bible one scripture at a time. Let’s get back to today’s study topic!

This Honour Have All His Saints

In the 149th chapter of Psalm, the writer is in full praise mode, and understandably so. The Psalm begins with the call to praise the Lord by singing to the Lord a new song.

The LORD’s praises are to be sung and heard in the congregation of all His Saints. Israel, the Lord’s nation, certainly will praise the LORD and rejoice at this time because the LORD will have officially become the children of Zion’s King.

The children of Zion will be joyful in their King, as He triumphs for them in the biggest transfer of wealth and power ever seen in the earth (at least in this generation of the earth).

This Honour Have All His Saints

Do You Want the Honors…?

Israel and all the citizens of the earth are commanded to praise the LORD in multiple ways. They can praise the LORD with a dance. Those who do not like people dancing in church, or don’t enjoy dance period, really need to read about dance as a form of praise in the scriptures.

People also can sing praises to the LORD with musical instruments. This is because the LORD takes great pleasure in music as He does in His people; especially those who praise Him.

The LORD is going to beautify the meek with salvation; the diligent and humble will regain citizenship to the Heavenly Kingdom that was lost in the garden of Eden.

Everyone should be joyful in glory and are really to be ecstatic everywhere they go.

You may be wondering, what’s all the praise and excitement for?

Why is the writer commanding people to have high praises for God in their mouth, yet a two-edged sword in their hand?

This honour have all His saints.

In the previous post, the saints of the LORD were given the right to judge. However, before they were given this right, they were given the honor of fighting the forces of evil with the LORD.

This means they were prepared to execute vengeance on the nations. In addition, perhaps punishments on the people who oppressed the poor, and rewarded evil as good. The people with high praises for God in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand, were prepared to bind the heathen’s kings with chains.

They were ready to bind the nobles of the earth with fetters of iron. They are ready to walk them directly into international court. The saints were ready to execute judgment on the kings of the earth; the judgment written for their atrocities they’d performed in the earth.

This honour have all His saints.

This is why the saints were full of praise for the Lord, and they get to join in on the vengeance of the Lord to the evildoers. This honour have all His saints.

The saints of the LORD have the honour of physically arresting, even exacting punishments on the nations and people, who perpetrated the evil in the earth.

For this, all praises must go to the Lord, praise ye the Lord.


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