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Chapter Summary: 2 Kings Chapter 7 Summary

2 Kings chapter 7 Summary is about Elisha and the Syrian (Aram) army who attempted to attack Samaria. It all begins with Elisha who announced the words of the Great Spirit in regards to the famine. The famine was coming to an end in Samaria.

One of the king of Akobe’s lords spoke up with his disbelief of the foretold happenings. He didn’t believe an end to the drastic famine they were having would come. Elisha told the lord, he will see it, but he won’t eat or partake in the food.

2 Kings Chapter 7 Summary

The chapter transitioned into four outcast leprous men who decided to get up and find food instead of sitting as sitting ducks waiting to die. They ventured into the camp of the people of Aram and they saw no one there.

Pocketing the Silver, Gold, and Other Spoils

The reason it was vacant was the Great Creator caused Aram to hear the noise of chariots in great number, so they vanished, thinking Samaria had hired the Egyptians to help them. The army of Aram left their horses, donkeys, and everything. The four lepers saw this and began eating to their filling.

They pocketed the silver, gold, clothing, and put it in a place they would remember later. Pretty smart of them. They felt guilty so they headed to tell the king what they knew. When the king saw it was a true report, Elisha’s prophecy came to light, a measure of fine flour sold for a shekel.

And two measures of barley for a shekel, as the Great Spirit promised. Now the lord who earlier didn’t believe it, he was ordered to conduct the order of the sales to the people.

If you’ve ever seen a black Friday sale at a Walmart in America, that is how the people stormed in trampling the king’s lord.

He died. He saw the food but didn’t eat thereof. The Great Spirit’s word did not fall to the ground void. This is 2 Kings chapter 7 summary; Glory to the Word of the Creator.


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  1. Gloria Gloria

    Awesome summary simple and straight to the point ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • All praises Gloria, bless you, and continue in the grace of the FATHER.

      Elder Ishe

  2. Alan Alan

    Yes that was a great explanation thank you have a blessed day☝️

  3. John Bedigan John Bedigan

    The Syrians were not Armenians. Armenia is located in the Caucasus, near the Black Sea and wasn’t known by that name anyway as early as 1000-500 BC. It was the Kingdom of Urartu, and had no relationship at all to Syria. The alternative name for Syrians in this article should be ‘Arameans’

    • Thank you John for the update. You are correct in Syrians were not Armenians; but they were not Urartuians either. See our recent series called Unprofitable Lies and Africa the Land of Shem for further details.

  4. Innocent Innocent

    Amen Hallelujah

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