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Lifestyles: Receiving The Righteousness of the Righteous One

Receiving The Righteousness of the Righteous One

Receiving The Righteousness of the Righteous One

Healing and fixing the world community, number thirty-four: receiving the Righteousness of the Righteous One. When we receive or welcome others, especially the Righteous One, we receive the One who sent the Righteous One.

An unfortunate thing in our society is that we do not welcome people or receive them if they aren’t familiar (family). To receive the Master is to receive the One who sent the Master. To receive a visionary in the name of a visionary, you will receive a visionaries award and compensation.

The same when receptive of a righteous man. When he is received, you will garner a righteous man’s award. Whoever gives to one of these, something as small as a cool cup of water merely in the name of a disciple, will surely never lose their reward.

It takes a certain type of person to open their doors and receive someone. The receptivity of a visionary, righteous man or woman, or a student/follower of the Master, is a worth receptive act. The reward is the same as the one who is being received.

Continue to receive with Godliness and love; and as freely as ye receive, freely give. And I say unto you, such person will in no wise lose their reward. So be it.


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