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Chapter Summary: 1st Kings Chapter 20 Summary

First Kings chapter twenty begins with one of the most original gangster or mobster-moves you’ll ever read about. Benhadad, king of Syria, sent messengers to Ahab (king of Samaria) with a message that declared Ahab’s gold, silver, wives, children, and everything good Ahab had belonged to the king of Syria.

1 Kings Chapter 20 Summary

Ahab took a page out of agreeing with your adversary and agreed with Benhadad. Benhadad was thrown off at Ahab’s non-resistance, so Benhadad further sent another message that his messengers were still going to come and view Ahab’s kingdom, and whatever more they liked they were keeping.


Ahab didn’t like the second part so he didn’t agree to it. The second part of the king of Syria’s desire tells me Benhadad was looking for a fight from the beginning. A fight he got it. He declared war against Samaria and king Ahab.

In all of this, God sent a prophet to Ahab who informed the king that the Heavenly Kingdom would fight on Samaria’s side and deliver Syria into the hands of Ahab. Further, Ahab will know that the Lord is Lord over all.

Ahab arrayed his footmen, 232 of them, then he gathered the army, 7,000 altogether. Benhadad, a drinking man, was getting drunk with the 32 kings that were in league with him, which is clearly a sign of an overconfident arrogant king, and Israel ambushed him and his army.

God Can Only Win on the Hills

The prophet told Ahab that Syria would return to battle again in a year’s time, so he should stay prepared. Syria believed Samaria’s God was a god of the hills and not the valley, so they returned to battle in the valley.

God took on the challenge, not for Ahab, but for Himself. The battle took place and Samaria slew 100,000 Syrians in one day. The Syrians were speaking humbly at this point, as Benhadad came out to speak peacefully with Ahab.

Benhadad declared he will restore cities that Syria took from Israel. He also would make streets in Damascus, and he’ll be a cool and moderate king going forward. Ahab allowed him to live.

Destroy the Enemy!

This was a bad move, God wanted him to kill Benhadad, so God sent a prophet to let Ahab know, it is his life for Benhadads’ and Ahab’s people for Syria’s because he let him go out of his hand. Ahad went home sad and angry, depressed and displeased. This is the summary of 1 Kings chapter 20!


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