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Chapter Summary: 1 Samuel Chapter 19 Summary

Chapter Summary: 1 Samuel Chapter 19 Summary

1 Samuel Chapter 19 Summary

First Samuel 19 begins with Saul openly attempting to kill the young David, one of his very own war generals, and one of the best we’ll add. He told his son Jonathan and all his stewards that a hit has been put on David to be killed, and they are to carry it out.

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The problem was that Jonathan loved David, so he was David’s eyes and ears during the entire operation. Jonathan spoke to his dad the king about the good David had done for Israel, and that he should rescind his hit on David.

Saul’s Finger-Crossed Promise

Then Saul made a vow as God lives that David will not be killed. But the king’s fingers were crossed. There was peace for a moment, but Israel went to war with the Philistines and in the war, David did well.

David slipped away from Saul’s javelin.

The trouble started again when they returned home, the evil spirit got into Saul again and he attempted to kill David himself. David slipped away from Saul’s javelin. Saul’s ment attempted to get David while he was with Saul’s daughter (David’s wife), Michal. However, she helped him get away.

1 Samuel Chapter 19 Summary
Saul’s Javelin Traveling Towards David

So David ran off away from the headquarters and met with Samuel and told him all that was happening. When Saul found out, he sent his men to get David.

There was a company of prophets with them prophesying. When Saul’s men came upon Samuel and David, the Spirit of God came over them also. Saul’s messengers prophesied.

Saul Among the Prophets of Israel?

Saul sent a second group and the same thing happened to them, and again with the third group. Finally Saul went himself and the Spirit of God fell on him, and he began to prophesy also. He took off his royal clothing and joined the prophets.

People thought Saul was among the prophets of Israel. It was just God at work protecting His servant David. And this is the summary of 1 Samuel chapter 19.

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