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Chapter Summary: 1 Kings Chapter 18 Summary

1 Kings Chapter 18 Summary begins with the Lord who sent Elijah back to Ahab in the third year of the famine. He was sent to alert Ahab that the Lord will finally send rain. The famine was really sore in Samaria. Ahab called the governor of his house to search the land for any water and grass for the animals.

His governor was a man named Obadiah, who feared the Lord greatly. This guy really loved and revered the Lord. When Ahab’s wife Jezebel was on her violent crusade of killing the prophets of the Lord, Obadiah was hiding them. He hid them so they wouldn’t all be killed, risking his own life.

One day while Obadiah was out looking for grass to keep the horses alive, he ran into Elijah, who told him to tell Ahab, “I’m back.” Obadiah was not having it. Obadiah said, “the king has been looking for you for the last three years in all kingdoms and nations.

1 Kings Chapter 18 Summary

I’m not going to tell him I’ve seen you and then the spirit of the Lord takes you somewhere else and the king has me killed for not apprehending you.” Good concern. Elijah promised to show himself to Ahab that same day to relax Obadiah.

When Elijah appeared before Ahab, Ahab greeted him by saying, “Hey it is the man who troubles Israel?” Elijah shot back and told the king he is the one who troubles Israel, the king, and his father’s house troubled Israel. Elijah went on saying Ahab’s house troubled Israel by forsaking the Lord and following Baalim.

That shut the king up pretty good. Elijah then puts a challenge together against all the false prophets of the land. The challenge would show whose God was the true God. The contest: observe whose God would answer a call. The followers of Baal went first.

Fire Fell from the Lord

They chanted from morning to noon. They cut themselves with knives; Elijah simply looked on and mocked them. Finally, Elijah set before the Lord his sacrifice and prayed to the Lord to show the people He is God. He also prayed to show the people that Elijah was the Lord’s servant.

Fire fell from the Lord and the fire licked up all the burnt sacrifice and the people were convinced and confessed the Lord is God. Elijah had all the false prophets of Baal captured and killed. Then Elijah told Ahab to eat and drink because plenty of rain was on the way. Then it thundered and rained, ending the famine.

This is 1 Kings chapter 18 summary.


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