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Chapter Summary: 1 Kings Chapter 16 Summary

Welcome to 1 Kings chapter 16 summary. This chapter began with a word from the LORD. It was against Baasha the king of Israel (ten tribes). The LORD sent the word to the prophet Jehu to tell king Baasha that he is just like Jeroboam who brought sin to Israel.

Because of this, the LORD was going to violently get rid of Baasha as he did with Jeroboam. In the 26th year of the reign of King Asa of Judah, Elah (Baasha’s son) began his reign over Israel in Tirzah. He only ruled for two years. One of his servants named Zimri, who was captain over half his chariots, conspired against him.

Zimri killed Elah as he was getting tipsy (having an alcoholic drink) in the house of one of his friends. Zimri took over as king as he seized power. Zimri also killed all of the house of Baasha, just as the prophet Jehu said would happen. The MOST-HIGH did this because they made Israel sin and they provoked ELOHIM with their vanities.

1 Kings Chapter 16 Summary

Here is an odd twist, Zimri took over, it was the 27th year of Asa’s rule in Judah, but Zimri only ruled one week in Tirzah. I know, you were about to get your popcorn to hear all about Zimri’s rule, sorry. The reason for his short reign is because the people did not appreciate his treason against Elah and the house of Baasha.

They elected a man named Omri to become king over Israel. Omri went up and seized Tirzah. When Zimri heard this, he burned his own house down with himself inside, killing himself. According to the report, he was an evil man also and died for his sins. Even though the people wanted Omri, some wanted a man named Tibni; tribal stuff.

Anyhow, Omri prevailed and killed Tibni. So, officially in the 30th year of Asa’s rule in Judah, Omri ruled over Israel for 12 years. It’s at this time the ten tribes get a new name. Omri purchased the hill Samaria of Shemer and built a city there and named it after the previous owner, Shemer or Samaria.

Enter Ahab the not so great

This is how Israel became known as Samaria. Nevertheless, Omri was a far worse ruler than all before him. Yep, he was very evil in the eyes of the LORD. He died and his son Ahab took over. Ahab took over in the 38th year of Asa’s rule in Judah, and he ruled for 22 years.

He was just as bad as Omri and the rest of the “Samarian” kings. Ahab’s worse atrocity was marrying Jezebel, the daughter of Ethbaal a king of the Zidonians. The reason why was because he diligently served their god Baal. Ahab is credited as being worse than all the kings before him in Israel.

Samaria’s kings are playing a game of can you top this evil and sin against the LORD ALMIGHTY. And this is the summary of 1 Kings chapter 16!


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  1. Lester Higashi Lester Higashi

    Thanks, for providing some insight into 1 Kings 16 .. it was hard to keep all the players straight. Your summary helped lift some of the fog. Much appreciated


    • Greetings brother Les, absolutely our pleasure and duty. The changing of the guard in the rulers of Samaria can be confusing, especially when it is mixed with the kings of Judah. All praises to the ALMIGHTY for HIS records. Thanks for stopping by.

      Elder Ishe

  2. Charles Charles

    I am just two days into using bible study ministry. Com/ chapter summary. But it has blessed me and made the Bible come alive because of the way the summary is simplified. Thank you for the work you do for Jesus. God bless you real good!

    • Hey Brother Charles, that’s awesome, thank you for the kind words. May you continue to be enriched and edified.

      Minister Koko

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