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Chapter Summary: 1 Kings Chapter 12 Summary


1 Kings Chapter 12 Summary

Chapter 12 of first Kings begins with Solomon’s son Rehoboam who became king of Israel in his father’s place. Jeroboam, who resisted Solomon’s policies, heard about Rehoboam’s coronation while he was still in Egypt (remember he fled from Solomon).

His supporters sent for him to address Rehoboam concerning the heavy burdens Solomon put on the nation. He returned representing the oppressed and made an ultimatum for the king of Israel. Rehoboam pondered on it for three days.

He talked to the older men who’d counseled his father, king Solomon. They advised that he listen to the people; he also counseled with the younger generation that he’d grown up with. They advised he put his foot down harder and harsher.

Tax Collectors Got Stoned

Rehoboam decided to go with the young men, but this poor decision was given to him by the Lord. It was because of Solomon’s sin and that the prophecy the prophet Ahijah had given to Jeroboam to be fulfilled.

The Old Testament

Israel then revolted against Rehoboam and wanted nothing to do with the house of David. Rehoboam attempted to keep the kingdom together, but the people stoned his tax collectors, and Israel made Jeroboam king. Rehoboam ruled over the house of Judah only, as well as Benjamin.

God had a prophet tell Rehoboam this was from the Lord in order to stop a war between Judah and Israel. In the aftermath of this, the newly minted king of ten tribes of Israel, Jeroboam, became nervous that his people would return to Rehoboam.

Unfit Leaders in the Office of Law

He figured this would happen whenever they went up to attend a feast to the Lord. Jeroboam even thought they would kill him, so king Jeroboam decided to take matters into his own hands. He made two calves of gold and told the people these are the gods who brought you out of Egypt.

This obviously became a sin to Israel. He also made a house of high places and made anyone who wanted to become priests, to have the office. It made no difference if they were trained or not. This turned away the Levites, who returned to Judah along with the tribe of Benjamin.

Jeroboam ordained the eighth month a feast on the fifteenth day, something he devised on his own for the children of Israel. This is the summary of 1 Kings chapter 12.


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