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Chapter Summaries: Genesis Chapter 35 Summary

Genesis chapter 35 summary continues with Jacob’s journey. In chapter 35, God ordered Jacob to live in Bethel, a town in the land of Canaan. Jacob then commanded his family to put away their private and strange gods they still carried with them.

Also the gods they kept in their minds, they had to get rid of them all to be clean with God. So, they all gave Jacob their strange gods, earrings etc., and Jacob buried them all under an oak tree. The people of the land feared Jacob. News got around how two men killed everyone in that town, so they dared not mess with the entire clan.

Genesis Chapter 35 Summary

The chapter transitions as God appeared again to Jacob and reminded him of his name change. He is no longer Jacob, but Israel. Also, Jacob would receive the same blessings Abraham and Isaac received. Then the chapter segways to the birth of Benjamin.

As Rachel was having her second child, she named him Benoni, but Israel (Jacob) changed the boy’s name to Benjamin. Sadly, Rachel died during this childbirth. Jacob buried the woman he loved. It was during this time that Israel’s eldest son Reuben laid with Israel’s concubine Bilhah and Israel knew about it.

The chapter ends as Israel came to see his father Isaac before his death. Isaac was 180 years of age and Esau and Israel buried their dad together in peace. This is the summary of Genesis chapter 35!


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  1. Sala Sala

    God’s grace is awesome. The two brothers came together in peace to bury their dad. What a true picture of forgiveness.

    • Amen Sala, thank you for your comment; forgiveness is so powerful and necessary.

      Elder Ishe

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