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Chapter Summaries: 1st Kings Chapter 13 Summary

1st Kings Chapter 13 Summary

1st Kings Chapter 13 Summary

Chapter 13 of first Kings begins with king Jeroboam praying by his altar, and a man of God out of Judah came to him and began to prophesy. When Jeroboam heard what the man was saying, he proceeded to grab the man of God (we’ll take that he didn’t like what the man of God was saying).

When the king grabbed at the man of God, his arm began stiff or paralyzed, and the prophecy the man of God said happened before their eyes. Jeroboam asked the man of God to entreat his God for him immediately to have his hand restored. The man of God did so and his hand was restored.

The king, now with a new mindset and respect for the man of God, invited him in to talk, but the man of God was not interested in anything but his task from God. He went his way.

The twist here is that another prophet heard what happened to the king through his sons and sent for the man of God, and invited him to eat with them in his house.

God Spoke to a Lying Prophet

The prophet who sent for the man of God lied to the man of God and said the Lord said he could come back with his sons and eat; the man of God went back and did eat and drink with the lying prophet. God then spoke to the “lying” prophet to give the man of God a message.

The prophet tells the man of God that God says he will die. He will die because he came back to eat and drink. I’m not sure about you, but if I was the man of God, I would have been upset with myself and especially with the lying prophet. Well, the man of God left on his donkey and while he was traveling back, a lion met him on the way and killed him.

Now get this, the lion doesn’t eat him, just killed him and stood by his deceased body and with his donkey. It was told to the “lying” prophet what happened.

1st Kings Chapter 13 Summary

The prophet retrieved the man of God’s body, buried him and commanded his sons to bury him, whenever he died, next to the man of God. He also told his sons the man’s prophecy will come to pass in Samaria. The chapter ends with Jeroboam continuing to consecrate the lowest of people to his priesthood, and he did not turn from his evil ways.

This is the summary of 1st Kings chapter 13.

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  1. Donald Meyer Donald Meyer

    So who, PRECISELY is this “man of God” from Judah? WHAT’S HIS NAME? And why the cryptic anonymity of this obviously, importantly ominous individual? Could this be yet another pre-Messianic, Incarnate [OT] appearance of Christ — as “according to the order of Melchizadic”?

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