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Chapter Summaries: 1 Samuel Chapter 28 Summary

1 Samuel Chapter 28 Summary

1 Samuel Chapter 28 Summary

1 Samuel Chapter 28 summary began with the Philistines who came to war with Israel and they didn’t come a few.

Welcome to’s chapter summary series, do you need a quick summary of a chapter in the Bible, join us for the journey and learn a lot in our chapter summary series. Now back to 1st Samuel chapter 28 summary.

The Philistines number was so great a number, king Saul of Israel became greatly intimidated (and I bet at this time he wished he had David on his side – remember David was a good general and warrior for Saul).

Speaking of David, the king of Gath fully expected David to fight alongside the Philistines in this battle, which would pit David against his own people, Israel, and David concurred to do so. If he said no, it would have shown who his allegiance was with and he would have probably been killed.

Back to Saul.

Saul was so scared, he did what most people do when they are at wits-end; he sought the Lord, but God did not answer him. God didn’t answer by dream, prophet, idea, nothing! This was purposely so, God had moved on from Saul.

So Saul did the next thing he could do to receive divine insight, which turned out to be the worst thing anyone could do; he sought after familiar spirits.

He met a women in Endor and asked her to bring up Samuel the prophet. Obviously, and desperately at this point, Saul’s actions displays that he had absolutely, and completely given up on God.

The woman was able to bring Samuel the prophet up as Saul requested, and from that she realized who Saul was (because he had disguised himself upon approaching her).

What she was doing was illegal, and prohibited in Israel, and paradoxically that was put in law by Saul, rather enforced by Saul I should say. Anyway, she told Saul she saw gods coming up out of the earth and she saw an old man.

Saul figures it was Samuel. Samuel says to Saul, “why have you awaken me,” and Saul begins to tell (whom he believed to be Samuel) of his distress of the Philistines, but that God is not answering him. Samuel’s response is, “if God isn’t talking to you, what makes you think I will?

Classic Israelite servant of God response.

Samuel further reminds Saul that God stopped dealing with him because he didn’t obey God (remember the Amalek situation?). Samuel continues by saying, “Further God has already given your kingdom to David (knockout blow alert), and by the way; this time tomorrow you and your sons will be dead after a battle with the Philistines.”

The woman was shocked and bewildered, Saul was lifeless. He could have died right there after hearing the news.

The chapter ends with the woman and Saul’s men forcing Saul to eat something before they left that night. Saul was a dead man walking and he knew it. This is 1st Samuel chapter 28’s summary.

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  1. Manto Manto

    Thanks for the detailed summary of the chapter. My question is are the sangomas/ magicians able to raise the dead as the woman was able to bring Samuel up?

    • Good day Manto, some are, as they utilize the power of Lucifer, the devil, to connect with spirits. Most are faking it, but some are able.

      Elder Ishe

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