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Bread and Sin and Good Friday

Bread and Sin and Good Friday

Good day to you and thank you for stopping by. I know the posting title is very funky and weird. What does bread, sin, and Good Friday all have to do with each other?

Well typically they do not have much to do with each besides the time of year they all fall in. However, this particular year this combination happens to fall on the exact same day.

BibleStudyMinistry – Feast of Unleavened Bread


Let us begin with the bread. If you are unaware, today is ‘The Feast of Unleavened Bread’. This is a seven day feast that follows the Passover every year. It is to be kept on the fifteenth day of the first month in the evening (Leviticus 23 v4-8).

For seven days servants of God are to eat unleavened bread and also put away leavened bread from our homes because whoever it is that eats leavened bread within those seven days will be cut off from God (Exodus 12 v15). That is pretty severe right?


The first of the seven days is a High Sabbath day, where a Holy Service is to be kept and you’re to get off of work and do “NO MANNER” except the work you’re doing to eat. This is an ordinance forever and should be done in all generations for the natural born Israelite or the stranger, which are the other nations joining in with Israel.


Why unleavened bread? It is because the day before during the Passover, the Egyptians were urgent to get the children of Israel out of their land because of the plagues from God.

As they put their bread in their ‘ovens’ they did not have time for it to rise. That is one of the physical reasons why. It became a memorial because of how the great God of Heaven delivered His people from Egypt. We are to remember this every year at this time of the year.


The spiritual side or meaning of this feast is that leavened bread represents sin.


During the Passover, Jesus has ‘passed-over’ our sin and we are to live sin-free for seven days. Hence the putting away of leavened bread out of your home; your home is your body and mind. Anyone found with leavened bread, or sin, will be cut off from the God of Israel.


This is the significance of this wonderful High Sabbath and week-long festival. The first day of the feast is a High Sabbath and the last day is also a High Sabbath.


This is where the confusion of Jesus dying on ‘Good Friday’ came from. The early church knew that the Jews Sabbath day is the seventh day of the week, which we know today as Saturday.


When the scripture is read in St. John chapter 19 in verse 31 telling how that particular Sabbath (the day after Jesus was killed) was a high day, they were unaware of the seven annual Sabbath days God has for His people to keep (the annual Sabbaths are found in Leviticus 23).


The day after the Passover is a High Day and Jesus was killed on the Passover the day before a Sabbath day. The early church assumed that this must be Friday because Friday falls before Saturday (the seventh day of the week).


They were incorrect and so are people who observe ‘Good Friday’ today. There will be Good Friday services going on today ill-advisedly when they should be holding a service for the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This is what the title of the post means when I say, “Bread and Sin and Good Friday.”


For seven days we are to eat unleavened bread. The avoidance of unleavened bread represents living without sin, beginning today, which happens to be ‘Good Friday’.


Have a joyful Holy Day in The Feast of Unleavened Bread, have a wonderful seven days of feasting and thanksgiving.  God bless you today in Jesus name. Amen


Koko Ishe

Bible Study Ministry

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  1. Will Will

    We at Israel The Church of Jesus keep the feast of the Lord and his sabbaths in their season. Thanks, it is so refeshing to hear from you. Peace in Jesus name

    • Hi Brother Will, thank you and Praise the Lord. Tell Bro Elijah I greet him in Jesus name. God bless.

  2. Lorraine Lorraine

    I’m happy to read your blog

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