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The Bread and Wine Jesus and the Passover 2012

It’s the Passover 2012

Last night began the Passover for the year 2012. It was a night of thanksgiving for what the great God of Heaven and Earth has done for His people.

Jesus covers those who believe on Him with His blood as we spiritually consume the Lamb of God in the Bread and Wine. Now in most Christian circles, the Passover is taken every first or fourth Sunday and some do so nearly every Sunday.

The name of the Passover has been moved to the ‘last supper’ or ‘communion’ but the ordinance is the same, the bread and wine.

2013 Passover Bible Study

Why is this important and why do the ‘Jewish’ people keep this and Christians as well are slowly transitioning into keeping the Passover. It is because of the symbolism and what it represents. As stated earlier, the bread and wine represent the body of Christ.

The children of Israel were commanded to eat the body of Christ; they were told to eat the symbolic body of Christ. What does that mean? Jesus is also known as the Lamb of God. The children of Israel were told to eat a lamb without blemish and roast it in fire and eat it with bitter herbs (Exodus 12 v1-8).

This lamb the children of Israel ate was a schoolmaster to bring them to Jesus Christ. The animal sacrificial laws were a schoolmaster to bring us to the understanding of who Jesus was and what He is doing for us. So we eat the lamb bitterly knowing that Jesus died for our sins and has covered us in His blood to avoid eternal death.

On the 14th Day is the LORD’s Passover

We know this is an ordinance to keep because it was commanded to the children of Israel by God Almighty through Moses the great prophet. It says in Leviticus the twenty-third chapter that on the fourteenth day in the evening is the Lord’s Passover (Leviticus 23 v1-2, 4-5). This should be done once a year on that date and not once a month as done in many Christian circles.

Jesus changed the ordinance a little; however, He did not change the Passover. In His day the Israelites were still keeping the Passover. Jesus changed the ordinance of the Passover by bringing back the Bread and Wine (Matthew 26 v26-29).

This was done because He was officially going to take the place of the lamb being the actual Lamb of God. It is no coincidence that Jesus was killed on Passover day. The reason why is because the Jews only keep Passover once a year on the designated day (the fourteenth day of the first month).

Eat the Body of CHRIST

Everything regarding Jesus’ death was foretold by the prophets. He was wounded for our transgressions (Isaiah 53). He is our Passover today as it is written in 1st Corinthians chapter five and verse seven. Christ is our Passover.

We are to keep the Passover and eat the body of our God. We still have the Lamb (Jesus Christ) in that we take the bread and wine. And when you really understanding it, we are to eat His words of CHRIST. This is because it is written the flesh profits nothing, the Words He speaks are spirit and they are life (St. John 6 v63)!

Jesus has done this for us. He knew He was going to do this the moment Adam transgressed. Jesus was the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world (Revelation 13 v8). This all represents Jesus covering you with His blood so you will not take part in eternal damnation.

The 15th Day is the Unleavened Bread Sabbath

The following night, the fifteenth day of the first month is the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This is a week-long festival representing living without sin. Jesus has forgiven us and we are to walk before Him perfectly.

We will fall at times because we are human, but get back up and get into the race. Who knows, the Lord God is merciful and His mercy endures forever. This is why His feast days mean so much and is vital for every ‘Christian’ to learn.

For the complete ordinance of the Passover, you must read all of Exodus chapter twelve. To understand the Passover, read from verses forty-three to fifty. Briefly stating it, no stranger should take part in it without first being bought by the blood of Jesus and become circumcised in the heart and flesh.

ONE LAW and Circumcision Required

This simply means enter into a covenant with Jesus by being baptized in the name of Jesus and males circumcise themselves both in mind and flesh. No uncircumcised person shall eat of it. There is only ONE LAW for the natural-born Israelite and for the nations wanting to join the Lord as spiritual Israelites.

Let us then keep the Passover in the newness of life. Keep it thankfully, bitterly grateful, and according to the way the Lord God of Israel commanded it. Happy Passover 2012, eat the bread and wine today. If you have to miss it for any reason the Lord will excuse you, DO NOT take it tomorrow or next week.

Take it the next month as commanded in (Numbers 9 v9-12). God bless you in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Koko Ishe

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