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A Sealed Study of the Book of Revelation Part One

The Sealed Revelation Study: Chapters One through Nine

Elder Ishe and Brthr Nhmyh, servants of Jesus Christ in the Holy Order, to you who are sanctified through the Spirit by the Creator the Father and preserved in Yashaya (Jesus) Christ, and who are called, the Elect according to the foreknowledge of our Heavenly Father, mercy, and grace be unto you, peace and love be multiplied to you and your household.

We write concerning the common salvation that you encourage and teach REPENTANCE and BAPTISM, that the time is near, even at the door. BSM teaches and expresses the fruits of the Spirit, and obeys and practices the Father’s commandments as taught to us by our Prince, Jesus Christ, which is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

We desire to share the secret sealed writings of John as he wrote them in the Book of Revelation.

The book of Revelation starts out with the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, given to Him by the Father. Christ sent and signified it by an angel who revealed it to John. What was this revelation? John saw all the things the Father and Christ chose for him to reveal to the children of men and he saw them in visions or through the spirit.

These are things that will shortly come to pass upon the earth, but John also bears a record of the Word of God and the testimony of Yashaya (Jesus) the Christ of things past, present, and future.

Are you ready to see the sealed teachings?

First, John saw Christ, feet like fine brass like the brass burned in a furnace. A voice as soothing, yet as powerful as many waterfalls into the ocean waters; holding seven stars in His right hand and a two-edged sword out of His mouth. The seven stars are the seven angels set over the seven churches and the seven candlesticks are the seven churches.

In chapters two and three, John gave us the messages Christ gave to the seven churches. These messages encouraged those of the church to continue doing the good they were doing, to stay strong and faithful, but to extract the evil they are practicing knowingly or unknowingly.

John revealed two groups of people were pretending to be God’s people, who are the children of Israel. The people pretending to be the children of Israel and Judah were really from the synagogues of Satan. This has taken place since the days of Adam when Cain’s seed infiltrated the church.

Ephraim and Judah

Then Ham’s seed in Nimrod and Canaan, Mizraim (Egypt) all attempted to assume the presidency of the Holy Priesthood, but they were not of the Order of Melchizedek, but of the Order of Mahan, the Devil.

If we continue down the line, Edom and the Gentiles today have done this to the children of Israel and John writes it for us by Christ and the Spirit. Smyrna sounds like the Kingdom of Judah (Benjamin and Levi), the African continent. Philadelphia reads like the House of Ephraim and the Ten Tribes in the Americas (but so does Pergamos).

After the letters to the churches, John revealed the Throne Room; he got to see the Father on the Throne with an innumerable amount of angels and twenty-four elders around the Father. The majesty of coloring is a reminder of the beauty and glory we even see in our day sky when the prisms of colors mesmerize us.

John beheld the true glory.

This turned out to be a coronation of a scene as we go into chapter five. Before we go into chapter five, we are reminded of why we are here. The four beasts and twenty-four elders praise Him who sat on the Throne saying, “You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, honor, and power; because You have created all things, for Your pleasure and happiness they are and were created.”

In chapter five, John saw the Father sit on the Throne with a book in His hand that no one was worthy to handle. The Father held a book in His hand with seven seals. No one was worthy to take the book, open the book, or read the book.

Finally, an angel announced that the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David had prevailed to open the book and loosen the seven seals. Christ came and took the book out of the hand of the Father and there was a big celebration.

Book of the Generations of Adam

Christ then began to open the seals in chapter six. Here’s something you have got to understand; the seals are binary and even bi-binary. Binary meaning, something having two parts, or something relating to, composed of, or involving two things. In this case, the seals are not for one moment of time or in relation to one event.

What this means is the seven seals tell of ALL human events pertaining to this creation from the beginning to the end. It is the Book of the Seven Seals or even we like to call it the Book of the Generations of Adam. Refocusing, the seals also convey the events that will take place during the half of time (hang with us for clarity on that).

So the current way the book of revelation and the sequence of the seven seals read it would sound like the seals are sequential or successive. For instance, the seals are first which leads to the trumpets, and then after the trumpets come the vials or the plagues.

the Seven Thunders are the Seven Seals

It is actually not like that at all, instead, the seals encompass all the trumpets and all the vials and they are not consecutive, they are not in a numerical order in which they were presented. To further complicate us, two of the seals were rearranged where the sixth seal was placed before the seventh seal.

When John moved into chapter seven, he provides us with the scene of the sealing process for the Father and Christ’s elect and saints. The seal of God in our forehead is the fullness of the gospel through the acceptance and practice (faith and works) of the sealed books.

These books, revealed by the Father back to His elect will lead to the works of the Father, taught to us by Christ in Matthew 5, 6, and 7. We will understand the sealing in our foreheads better when we go through Revelation chapter ten. The seven thunders declared all that was written in the Book of the Seven Seals (that Christ opened in chapter six).

Irresponsible and Improper Use

John then went into chapter eight; although the chapter began with the seventh seal, we have to reiterate and/or remind the elect that this is really the sixth seal, which opened the world to the trumpets and plagues that were brought upon it.

Unbeknownst to the majority of people, saints, and even some of the elect, the angels who were prepared to blow the trumpets were not just blowing us a tune. They announced and are announcing the carnage humanity (yes we ourselves) have caused upon themselves through the ignorant use of technology and the ignorant, improper, irresponsible use of natural resources.

Young folks such as Greta Thunberg went before the UN and cried for them to make changes that would stop the destruction of the earth. The irresponsible such and disposal of natural resources such as crude oil and cobalt minerals are destroying the earth.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Cobalt is mined all over the world, but 60 percent comes from Congo. They build batteries from cathodes, anodes, and electrolyte solutions, all sourced from different companies. They use the batteries in cellphones, laptops, tablets, and electric vehicles. The way these are dumped after use is another travesty.

The irresponsible use of these advanced technologies and natural resources is causing alarms (trumpets) to be sounded and blown, and vials poured out as given in Revelation chapters eight and sixteen. The trumpets alarm a warning, unheeded they create a “woe” or destructive event (a vial poured out).

The satellites in the atmospheres are disrupting natural rhythms in the earth and causing imbalances that scientists have been screaming will cause unprecedented weather patterns we today call global warming.

We are in Darkness Right Now

Some of the technologies and refineries are causing the sun to heat up and blast CMEs or coronal mass ejections some landing on the earth and disrupting normal weather patterns. We call this global warming or climate change. We the people are led to believe these things are just happening, but we are not told that big companies for profit are spearheading the destruction of the earth.

Chapter nine, the chapter continued the expression of the trumpets. The trumpets intensify as the fifth trumpet sounds off. This trumpet brings in pestilence, which is an old English world for pandemics (you’ve heard of these recently), and darkness.

The darkness is related to the lack of knowledge, but in our case, this is simply wrong knowledge. In the world today, misinformation is covering the kingdom of the beast. Misinformation leads the people into darkness; a war could be being waged, but the news, social media, and corporations would only have people talk about dancing with the stars, the latest NBA story, the NFL, and the MLB.

Repentance and Baptism

Don’t forget the latest box office movie; but not about the war, not about the carnage of harsh strange weather patterns, and the death toll of cattle and other resources that will give those of us without the knowledge and resources such a pinch.

This is part one, we pray you have been edified and as the Father to give you the Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost. You cannot understand what we’re teaching if you do not have the Spirit of God as your companion. This only comes when you live by the fruits of the Spirit, which is keeping the Father’s commandments in loving your neighbor as you would love yourself.

Also, you have the testimony of Jesus Christ; to do this, you must repent of your sins, the sins of your forefathers also, whether you are of the house of Israel or of the nations (gentiles). The sins of your forefathers may be on you if you have not repented and been baptized.

Receive the Holy Spirit

Today we call such a situation, generational curses, ten generations of welfare recipients. Ten-year generation of diabetes, heart problems that run through the family, even generations of wealth with no concern for the poor, needy, and disenfranchised.

These are sins forefathers have passed on and it is vital to repent for the remission of sins. Then receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. If you do this under our authority, which has been conferred upon us by Christ through His prophets, we know you will be healed of your infirmities and find peace as you have never found it before.

Be sober and vigilant; the adversary the devil is seeking your soul. But the Heavenly Father of all grace has called us to His eternal glory through Christ (Yashaya). To Him be glory, dominion forever and ever. Amen

We’ll be posting part two shortly…


Elder Ishe / Brthr Nhmyh

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