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2 Chronicle Chapter 24 Summary

Welcome to 2 Chronicle chapter 24 summary which will chronicle the days of king Joash (also known as Jehoash) of Judah (as rehearsed in 2nd Kings 12:1-16). Unfortunately, Joash started strong but ended weakly and was destroyed when he turned away from His Creator.

He ruled for forty years in Jerusalem tutored and nurtured by his mother Zibiah. He did well in the sight of God obeying the teachings of Jehoiada the priest. The spirit led him to repair the house of the LORD, gathering the priest and Levites to do this. The house of the LORD was broken down because Athaliah (that wicked woman) took many of the dedicated things and gave them to Baalim.

A proclamation was made to bring back all the things Moses originally placed in the Temple. The chest was filled with artifacts on a daily basis in abundance. Workers were hired to repair the Temple, masons, and carpenters. They’d raised a lot of money to rebuild or reconstruct the house of the LORD and began to offer burnt offerings on a continual basis. However, things would change.

Syria to the Offense

First, Jehoiada died at 130 years of age and was buried among the kings of Judah because he’d done so much good towards the God of Israel. When he passed, the wicked princes of Judah began to work to change the heart of the king. Joash foolishly listened to him and returned to idols and groves.

The Lord became angry with him, but first sent prophets to correct him. The king would not listen, not even to the son of Jehoiada, Zechariah, who the king had stoned to death (the same one Christ spoke of in Luke 11:51). All the good Jehoiada did for Joash, he did not return to his posterity.

At the end of the year that Joash had Zechariah killed, Syria came against Judah. Syria destroyed all of their princes of the people and took much spoil largely because they forsook the Lord God of their fathers. Judgment was taken against Joash.

Amaziah Take Over

He developed great diseases and in his weakness, his servants conspired and killed him on his bed. He did not receive the burial of a dignified king because he’d turned away from God and brought evil to Jerusalem and Judah. His son Amaziah took over the kingdom in his place; this is the summary of 2nd Chronicle chapter 24.

Glory be to the Almighty Sovereign Lord of Hosts.

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