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A Message to Hebrew Israelites in 2022

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If you are a Hebrew Israelite, I want you to hear me. This is a message to Hebrew Israelites in 2022. Most people consider themselves Hebrew Israelites because they identify with the conditions given in Deuteronomy chapter 28 (see With this revelation comes a certain lifestyle.

First, let’s refresh ourselves on the history of the Hebrew Israelites. The Hebrew Israelite story begins with Adam. From Adam, we are going to fast circuit to Abraham; look at Genesis chapter 5 and chapter 11, and you’ll see how we fast circuit. The story goes from Abraham to Isaac, to Jacob.

Jacob was given the covenants and promises of the Melchizedek Order. Through Jacob’s twelve sons, the nation of Israel was born. The sons of Israel were led into Egypt by Joseph, son of Jacob. In that story comes the allegory of Joseph, by way of Ephraim, saving his brothers, the children of Israel, who saved Egypt or the world.

Into Egypt with Joseph

From there, they go into bondage, the LORD then sent them a deliverer, who Joseph prophesied would come. This deliverer was named Moses; the Most-High used Moses to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt.

Immediately coming out of Egypt, the Lord was going to make them a Kingdom of Priests. This means they were appointed to be the mouthpiece of the Most-High; they were supposed to be the living examples and exemplification of the Spirit of the Almighty.

However, when Moses went to receive the Celestial Heavenly Law, the people rebelled and decided it was better to live as they did in Egypt.

We Get What We Want!

They wanted to live by the lesser false gods of Egypt. This forced the Most-High’s hand to give them what they want and desire. What many people fail to remember is that the CREATOR is obligated to allow you to exercise free choice and free will. It is a Heavenly Celestial law, to allow His children the free will to exercise for themselves what would make them happy.

We all, however, must live with the consequences of our choices. Because they desired to live as they lived in Egypt, He had to allow it. Today, even the lives we live, we live according to our choice. The Creator gives us what we are deep down asking for; this is at a subconscious level.

Therefore consciously, we do not want to be poor economically speaking, give off negative vibrations, and exhibit the fruits of our current life, good or bad. However, unconsciously or subconsciously, we want to be economically poor, give negative vibrations, and exhibit the fruits of our current lives if these are the results we see. As is within, so without; as in the spirit, so in the physical.

how generational curses or blessings persist!

Generational Curses

I had a friend once and I relayed this message to him, that he was living the life he desired. His life was not enjoyable or happy for him. I told him he was choosing to live the way he was living. He could not believe he desired to live in a rundown apartment with his grandaunt; he wasn’t happy with my revelation to him. Most people are not conscious of the truth that they are choosing the life we are living.

If you are Hebrew Israelite, you have generational curses upon you, and guess what, it is your choice to continue to abide in them or to step out of them. Back to the children of Israel out of Egypt; the Most-High knew His children were making a poor decision.

Just like a parent knows when a child is making a poor decision, like trading their bicycle for an ice cream cone. A teenager trading a weekend party for two months of allowance and doing two months of his sibling’s chores; the parent knows this is a poor decision.

Adults too, who give $1,500 to join a business where they solicit their friends and family to a business associate with the promise of building a grand business one day; poor, not thought out decisions plague us from infant to adulthood. The Heavenly Father knowing this made provisions.

The Sovereign Lord Made a Way

God made provision for them for one reason; He already made a covenant with their forefathers. He also made a covenant with the children of Israel at Mount Horeb and Sinai. The nation still had to lay in the bed they made (that is, deal with the consequences of their decision), but the intercessor prayed for them and separated those who would live according to Melchizedek.

When they transgressed with the golden calf and rebelled against God, a lesser priesthood was given to them. This lesser priesthood is known as the Order of Levi or the Levitical Priesthood. This is headed or led by Aaron and his sons; they were given the presidency of that priesthood.

The presidency of the Melchizedek priesthood was given to the sons of Joseph. Because the children of Israel now had a lesser priesthood for the entire nation to live by, Moses was commanded to take the ordinances of the Melchizedek Law and seal them.

Sealed Books and Records

When Moses went to the conclave with the Lord and was in a heavenly vision (when the Lord covered him and went by him), he was able to witness the celestial plan. He wrote the records down as God gave them to him. Those records were sealed and put away.

The Creator does not cast His pearls before swine; this means He will not give you the mysteries of the kingdom unless you are prepared. Humility and willingness to keep the Father’s commandments in ALL things is the preparation. This along with observance to the King of kings, the overseer of the Holy Order, Christ, will open our ability to receive the mysteries of the Kingdom.

These things were sealed and put away in the ark of the covenant and the Levites of understanding were behind sealing them away. Years go by, the days of the judges, the days of Samuel and Saul establishing Israel as a kingdom come and go.

Then came King David and the kingdom was established the kingdom to Judah forever, which would be accomplished through Jesus Christ. Time continued into the separation of the nation, Samaria and the Ten Tribes and Judah, good kings and bad.

All the way to the days of a certain Judahite king named Josiah. During the days of Josiah, the temple was being refurbished, and the priest Hilkiah, along with Shaphan the scribe, found the book of the law in the temple.

The story suggests they found the book of the law as in the Torah, as in the five books of Moses we have today. That is the picture in our mind when we read this. I must tell you that is the wrong picture, Hebrew Israelites.

What they found was the sealed book of the law.

The Sealed Book of Moses is what Hilkiah found and gave to Shaphan to read. This is what they read to Josiah the king, that made him change up everything he was doing in the kingdom. The sealed book of Moses has expounded stories of what took place and the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Sealed Book of Moses has the law and order of Melchizedek, not Levi or Aaron; this is a major and vital difference. As a Hebrew Israelite today, when you are reading the law, your mind is thinking of the laws of Levi and Aaron, Exodus chapter 20, and more.

What Hebrew Israelites are unaware of is that the Aaronionic law is a replacement, schoolmaster law pointing us to Melchizedek. The law Moses sealed away was the law of Melchizedek. An example of this is in the letters of Paul to the churches.

The Order of the Son of God

The reason why there is so much controversy in his letters as they pertain to the teaching of the law is that it gives an ambiguous nature. People often do not know which law the apostle is speaking of. Paul is teaching people to keep the law or order of Melchizedek, which often appear to contrast with the laws of the Levitical order.

The Order of Melchizedek does not have all of the carnal ordinances found in the lesser order of Levi. Christ came and taught spiritual things, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, true judgment, caring for the poor, and charity. He called these things the weightier matters of the law.

I’m not suggesting Hebrew Israelites throw out everything, but recognition of the weightier matters is a necessity. To clearly see this, one would first have to know there are two priesthoods; Melchizedek, which is the priesthood, and the Holy Order of the Son of God. The other is the Order of Levi.

Shut It Down!

If the church does not teach you to love your neighbor as you love yourself, shut it down. And by teach, we also mean practice, because actions are 90% of teaching. Teaching is by our behavior! Christ taught this, the commandments, and said if you would be perfect, give your belongings to the poor and follow His ways. Most people cannot do this.

Most people cannot follow the Spirit, they must follow a physical person, a church and that is what the church is for. However, today’s church needs to teach repentance and baptism, and the keeping of God’s commandments, which is to love your neighbor as your love yourself.

There are laws, statutes, and ordinances that help us love our neighbor but this is what a church needs to do primarily. If it is not, church, camp, or ministry, it should be shut down, and the harsher news of this is that Christ will eventually shut it down. If Matthew chapters five, six, and seven are not taught in the church, shut the church down.

It Doesn’t Matter

If one can keep the feast days, sabbath days, and all the carnal laws of Levi, but if you have not the fruits of the spirit or as Paul said, charity, you have nothing. You also have nothing coming; it matters not how long your fringes are.

The length and grayness of your beard mean nothing; sisters it doesn’t matter how stylish you wrap your head. It doesn’t matter how many meals you have cooked at the feast or how many pastor’s luncheons you have served within.

It means a hill of beans if you keep the law of Levi without the righteousness of the Melchizedek law attached to it. Please hear me, Brother Nehemiah, with this. I’m saying this to Hebrew Israelites who have followed all these years.

Christ Sermon on the Mount Says It All

I say this for you to understand that if you do not incorporate Matthew chapters five, six, and seven, to love your neighbor and enemies (and your enemies are not another Israelite not keeping the law), you have your reward now.

Your enemies are ANYONE going against Christ and His message, no matter what family of Adam they come from. If you do not muster the will to love your enemies despite their ill will towards you, you are in danger of hellfire.

The things we teach and are prepared to teach at deeper levels will probably ruffle the unrepentant feathers of Hebrew Israelites. We teach to love your neighbor, love your enemies, take care of the poor, and do good to those who have despitefully used you.

If you do these things, with respect to what we will teach, your understanding will be opened. The Holy Ghost will come upon you, and you will understand the hidden mysteries of God. However, you must do as we have done, and humble yourselves, even as priests of God.

Need That One Teach You Again

Paul wrote in Hebrews, “For when for the time, you ought to be teachers, you have need that one teach you AGAIN, which be the first principles of the oracles of God. You then need to become such as one to have need of milk, and not of strong meat.”

You need the milk, this is why Christ said the children and babes, bring them to Me. All the things we believed we knew as Ibibio Ibri Hebrews of west Africa, we had to shelve, even momentarily, to learn of the deeper hidden mysteries of the true Kingdom of the Most-High.

We had to relearn from the Holy Ghost, the first principles of the oracles of God. Humble yourself and learn, you will be lifted up. The time is up; this is your admonishment from us this day so there is no confusion. When we proclaim to repent and be baptized, we baptize you into the Holy Order of the Son of God. This is the Order of Melchizedek, and we do this with the full authority of Christ.

Lesser Order of Levi

We do not baptize in the lesser order of Levi, which is performed in the churches and Hebrew Israelite camps. We do understand some Hebrew Israelites do not do water baptism also; that is an error. Once you have repented and are baptized, the baptism of the Holy Ghost comes from Christ Himself.

Receive this in the name of the Lord. May our Heavenly Father bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you, and may His peace be upon you, this day and forever. Amen.

A Message to Hebrew Israelites in 2022

Shalom Elders, grace to the sister elders, children, and young princes and princesses of the nation, all around the world.


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