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4 Key Virtues of the Christian Conduct

Are You Walking in the Christian Conduct

The Christian Conduct
Love Each Other Love God – The Christian Conduct

Welcome to, this Sabbath’s lesson is on the Christian Conduct. As Christians we are supposed to adhere to a certain level of conduct that by God’s Word sanctifies us (that is sets us apart) from the ways of our worldly brothers and sisters. The thing is that all too often we get caught up in being our former selves straightly dropping the mind of Christ to the ground. This can be seen in even the most astute Christians around; getting angry when cut off in traffic, avoiding friends when they slight you, and paying back an evil act done to you.

As Christians, we do have to have a conduct that sets us apart so that people viewing us will know we represent Jesus our Lord as He represented the Father when He was in the earth in the flesh. To learn and be like Christ we need to read and do His Word and have this be our personified behavior. Let’s take a look to begin with in Matthew chapter 5 verses four through sixteen.

The Christian Conduct Taught By Jesus Christ

In these set of verses, Jesus tells us who really is blessed. Those who mourn, who are meek, who hunger and thirst after righteousness; who are merciful, pure in heart, who are peacemakers as opposed to troublemakers. These are part of the Christian conduct; they are things Jesus says we are blessed for. Those who are persecuted for His sake; and we ultimately have to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Something has to taste different about our behavior; something has to shine about our conduct.

To begin with we need to have love in our hearts; we have to love each other and we have to love the LORD. It tells us this in Matthew chapter twenty-two verses thirty-seven through forty. The Ten Commandments are based around us loving the Lord our God and loving our neighbor as we’d love ourselves. Ask yourself, do you treat people like you want to be treated? Really think about it, we all have room for improvement.

Love is Key in the Christian Conduct

Let’s transition to Proverbs chapter 3 verses 1-4: here Solomon instructs us to not forget the laws of God and to keep His commandments in our mind always. The reasons are built on length of days, peace, and long life being added to you. Also we need not to forsake having mercy and having the truth. These need to be our real jewelry we wear around our necks because these give us favor and good understanding in the sight of God and man. Mercy and truth does the trick, but if you don’t have either, your favor and understanding disappears.

The first people we need to have love, mercy, and truth towards are our parents, next our spouses. Too often men and women get very comfy with the ones they love and tend to treat them any ole way. Your brother is a president of a company, when he walks in a room people stand up and applaud him, but when he is around you, you have nothing but cheap words to say. “That’s my silly brother, don’t pay him no mind; he think he a big shot because he is the president of this company. That don’t make no difference to me, but I love him.” Do you really?

Your wife is at work and is loved there, when she comes home, you can’t even break away from the TV to go greet her. We have to bring the love and respect back to the people who deserve it most in our lives. 1st Peter 3 v1-9 and Ephesians 5 v20-25 tells us how husband and wife are supposed to dwell with each other. Then we are to do well by our children. They are our future and the LORD is very particular when it comes to treating the children well. In Psalm 127 v3, the writer says, “children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” They are the Lord’s heritage and His reward, why do we not take the youth and the children serious then? It is not a wonder that they are falling to the streets and the world by the groves.

Proverbs 29 verses 15 and 17 tell us to correct our children because if they are left to themselves they will bring shame to their parents and to society. Foolishness is bound in the heart of children, but wisdom and sometimes a rod of correction is necessary to drive it out of them. Keep in mind; we are supposed to do the correcting out of love, not evil mindedly.

Let’s get to some Christian conduct and mentalities we are supposed to have towards one another; forgiveness. Ephesians chapter 4 verses 32 tells us to be warm hearted and forgiving of each other as Jesus Christ forgave us. We cannot be unforgiving and expect the Father to forgive our sins.

Jesus told Peter that he must forgive his brother 70 times 7 times; in other words we have to keep forgiving because the LORD keeps on forgiving us. If we are not able to forgive, Jesus tells us plainly that the Father will not forgive us. How is that for holding grudges; someone will end up in judgment over the fact they could not forgive someone else to have their sins forgiven.

The Christian Conduct
Forgive to be forgiven and to Heal Yourself

Another character we are supposed to have as Christians is patience. In Ecclesiastes chapter 7, verse 8 tells us it is better to be patient in spirit than the proud in spirit. It also says in verse 9 we should not be hasty to get angry; anger rest in the bosom of fools. When you plan to let someone have a piece of your mind in an angry manner, the wisest man the world has ever seen says you are a fool. Tame your spirit by constant conscious practice and pray to God for increased patience.

The last virtue, character, or mentality we need to exercise as Christians is our faith. This does not speak only to faith in God and in the belief of Jesus Christ but in the power He gives us to achieve the things we want, to have the strength we need to read, follow, and help others in His Word.

Matthew chapter 9 verses 27-29 give the account of two blind men chasing Jesus down in order to have Him heal their blindness. Jesus turned around and asked them if they believe He can heal them. They answered yes, and Jesus went and touched their eyes and told them be it according to their faith. This is nearly to say if they believed their sight would be granted fifty percent; their sight would have been regained only fifty percent.

If you only believe you can keep a mediocre job; be it according to your faith. If you believe you can never get healed, “be ye it according to your belief.” Self-help gurus teach that we are what we believe we are; and as Christians we need to believe we are as Christ in our mindset. We need to believe we can do all things through Jesus Christ that strengthens us.

Therefore let us all increase our love one to another, let us love our God by keeping His commandments (St. John 14 v15), let us teach our children (and not just our physical children but our communities also) to grow in love for one another and for the God of Israel. Let us exercise forgiveness, exemplify patience, and display faith without boundaries. Thank you for studying with us today, God bless you and be sure to join with us again. This is the Christian conduct we cannot lose sight of.

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