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2 Chronicle Chapter 26 Summary

This is 2 Chronicle chapter 26 summary centered around the rule of Uzziah of Juda. The people of Juda made him king at the age of sixteen. Being guided, he ruled for a lengthy 52 years in Jerusalem. He did right by the Shepherd of Order and sought the Great Creator because he had Zechariah the prophet who had a good understanding of the visions of the Great Creator. 

As long as Uzziah sought the Great Spirit, he prospered, as he won wars against the Philistines, Gath, Jabneh, the Arabians, and Ammonites. The Ammonites gave him gifts as his name spread as far as Egypt. He built towers in the city, he built them in the desert, he dug wells for cattle, and he himself was an avid gardener.

His military was very fortified enlisting over three-hundred-thousand soldiers. During Uzziah’s rule, he beefed up his military technology also as he was able to make engines, created by “cunning” men. These engines, which we’d call rocket launchers today, were set upon the towers that could shoot “arrows” (missiles) at great speed.

2 Chronicle Chapter 26 Summary

He was very famous for this and his fame went around the world. Nevertheless (there always seems to be a nevertheless), when he became strong and powerful, his heart was lifted up and it led to his own downfall and destruction. He broke the commandment of the Great Spirit his Mighty One. 

He went into the temple of the Great Spirit to burn incense upon the altar. The king was warned by Azariah the priest to get out. Azariah took eighty priests with him to remove the king. It is not a king’s job or business to meddle with the affairs of the priests, the sons of Aaron.

Uzziah was upset, and right on the spot the Almighty gave him leprosy on his forehead; he and the priest quickly got the king out of the temple. King Uzziah had leprosy until he died and could not even stay in his palace anymore but in a several house.

The downfall of another goodly king was loaded with too much pride. His son Jotham ruled in his place; this is the summary of the 2nd Chronicle chapter 26. Glory to the Sovereign Shepherd of Order.

Rendition of King Uzziah on the Throne of Juda

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