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2 Chronicle Chapter 28 Summary

After the death of Jotham, his son Ahaz took over the kingdom. Welcome to 2 Chronicle chapter 28 summary as we look into the rulership of Ahaz, son of Jotham. Ahaz was twenty years of age when he began to reign.

He also ruled for sixteen years in Jerusalem but he did not do right in the sight of the Great Spirit as David his father had. His downfall was walking in the ways of the kings of Israel who made molten images for Baalim. 

He also burnt incense to other gods and burnt his children in the fire like the abominations the heathen performed. Because of this wicked behavior, the Almighty allowed him to be attacked and forced servitude to the king of Aram (Syria).

Aram Housed Many Captives of Juda

Aram took away many captives and brought them back to Damascus. The kingdom of Israel, whom he was copying or behaving as, also dealt a great slaughter to the kingdom of Judah, killing thousands of thousands of Judah. 

Remaliah’s son killed 120-thousand Jews (Yawas) in one day all because they had forsaken their Almighty Creator. A man from the tribe of Ephraim killed Ahaz’s son as well as a few other notable men of Juda (Yauade/Yawada).

Two hundred thousand Jews were taken as captives to Samaria. However, a prophet of the Lord begged Remaliah’s son to return them because the kingdom of Israel was wicked and was heaping wickedness upon themselves. 

The Ten Tribes Killed Thousands …

The number of people he’d killed in Yawada had reached heaven. And we know it is bad when the Eternal Father gets interrupted and has to be shown a report of what’s going on on the earth).

The king listened to the prophet and released the people of Yawada. At that time, Ahaz sought help from the king of Assyria (Assuria). He did this because he was being harassed by Edom and the Philistines. 

Ahaz was in distress because of his devotion to other gods. He spent his remaining days paying bribes and begging for help from other kings. He also spent time putting out one fire as another one lit.

2 Chronicle Chapter 28 Summary

He died and was buried but not with the kings of Yawada; his son Hezekiah ruled in his place. This is the summary of 2nd Chronicle chapter 28; Glory to the Most-High the Great Creator.

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