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What Does the Bible Say About Relationships?

What Does the Bible Say About Relationships ?

What is a relationship?  Generally, this is a connection, association, or involvement between persons or groups.  When we really ask the question, what does the bible say about relationships, we may be typically thinking about a marriage relationship and a “boyfriend-girlfriend” relationship.

In my opinion, those are relationships, but more so those are covenants or agreements as well.  Either way the bible says the same thing about relationships be it between two people, husband-wife, or between man and God.  The basis is to love each other.

The relationship must begin with love.  In the bible, the best way to show love is to adhere to the Ten Commandment (Romans 13 v8).  Paul tells us to owe no man anything except to love one another because if you love one another you have fulfilled the law.

The Relationship is Selfless

So we will work our way up in the chain of relationships and add in other components to building successful relationships.  With strangers, parents have long told us not to speak with them, and let’s be real it has had a negative connation to it.

A stranger is not necessarily an enemy.  Strangers are people we do not know.  An enemy is someone totally against you and would love to destroy you.  In Matthew chapter 5 verse 44, Jesus tells us to love our enemies and do well by them.

The Master tells us to pray for our enemies and bless them.  If we are to do this for our enemies, we can certainly do this for strangers.  John the Baptist said in Luke 3 verses 11 that if you have two coats, give one to the stranger or him (or her) that have none.  The relationship is selfless and is based on bettering your neighbor.

Must Give if you Desire RESPECT!

We know that if this is the case with strangers and enemies, it only gets better and deeper with friends, family, and loved ones.  I really do not believe men would like for someone to slap them, rob, hurt, or kill them.

We should be doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.  If we want love we must give love, if we want gifts, we must give gifts.  If we want respect, we must give respect because this is what doing to others as we’d want them to do to us is about (Matthew 7 verses 12).

Relationships are about nurturing, enhancing, uplifting, and strengthening our fellow brothers and sisters.  The world is completely out of course because of the lack of love, care, and charity we see in it.

Don’t Lie to Yourself…

The greatest of the commandments is to love our God with all our heart, and the next was to love our fellow man with all our heart.  To build relationships we must have love, trust, respect, benevolence.  Without these we have nothing, we are nothing.

If we are about to say we love God and do things for the church or ministry but we cannot say a kind word to our fellow man, we are lying to ourselves that we love God. John asked us how can we love God whom we’ve never seen and we cannot love our fellow man who we see everyday (1st John 4 verses 20).

Furthermore, man is an extension of God, God made man in His own image and likeness.  We should certainly show love to man because of this fact.  What does the bible say about relationships?  They must be built on love, which is the fulfilling of the commandments.

Bring in Charity

They must have trust and respect, and most of all charity (1 Corinthians 13 verses 13).  Charity is love, the giving, the caring, the compassion, the ability to put others before you.  Charity is to give, and in relationships, you want to be giving.

And charity begins at home.  It is better to give than to receive because in order to give one must have.  I truly hope this helps answer this question for you today! Share this article and website with those you love today by being charitable and God bless you today and always in Jesus name.  Amen.



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