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The Wealth of Nations Returned to the Sovereign Lord of Host

The Wealth of Nations Returned to the Sovereign Lord of Host

The Wealth of Nations Returned to the Sovereign Lord of Host

See, the day of the Sovereign Lord comes and the earth’s spoil will be divided in the midst of the redeemed. The Lord God says, “I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle, and I will take the city.”

The houses will be rifled and the women will be seized and carried away by force. Half the city will go into captivity, and the remaining half will maintain. Finally, the Sovereign Lord will proceed to fight against those nations as He fought in the former days of battle.

The Lord’s feet will officially stand on the mount of Olives on that day. The mount of Olives is before Jerusalem on the eastside. When His feet touches the mountain, the mountain will split; it will go towards the east and west.

As the Days of Uzziah, king of Judah

The split will cause a very great and deep valley, which will cause half of the mountain to slide northward and the other half southward. Everyone in the vicinity will flee to the valley of the mountains that will reach to Azal.

Yes, they will flee as they fled from the earthquake during the days of Uzziah, king of Judah. The Lord God will proceed, along with all His saints. This will be a different type of day the inhabitants of the earth. In that day there will be light that is not clear, nor will it be dark.

It will be a day that will be known to the Lord; neither day nor night. In the evening, it will be light, and during the day it will be dark and light. It will also be that living waters will go out from Jerusalem.

The Lord will be King Over All the Earth

Half of the waters will go towards the former sea, the other half towards the rear sea; and this will take place both in summer and winter. The Lord will be King over all the earth. At that time, the earth will have one Lord and the citizens of the earth will call on His name in unison.

All lands will be turned to a flat plain from Geba to Rimmon that are south of Jerusalem. Only Jerusalem will tower above all the plains. The city will be full from Benjamin’s Gate to the first gate, to the corner gate, all the way to the tower of Hananeel.

Even the king’s wine presses will be inhabited. Everywhere will be inhabited and there will no longer be vast destruction. Jerusalem will be safely inhabited, safely. This will be the calamity the Lord will give to all the people who have fought against Jerusalem.

The Wealth of Nations Returned

The Wealth of Nations Returned to the Sovereign

Their body will consume away while they stand upon their feet. Their eyes will consume away in their eye-sockets, and their tongues will consume away right in their mouth. And it will be in that day, a great violent commotion from the Lord will be among them.

They will lay hold of their own men and soldiers and fight against each other. Judah also will fight at Jerusalem. The wealth of nations, the wealth of all the nations roundabout will be gathered together.

Their gold, silver, apparel, and belongings will be in great number. The calamity and plague upon men will also be upon the horse, mule, camel, donkey, and all beasts of the field. It will be that everyone that is left of all the nations that came against Jerusalem, they will go up from year to year.

Keep the Feast of Tabernacles or No?

They will go up to Jerusalem from year to year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts. And they will keep the feast of tabernacles. No punches will be held back. Any nation that does not come up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, such nation will receive no rain.

If the family of Egypt does not come up to the Lord’s feast of tabernacles, their rain will be cut off. This will be the plague for the nations of the earth that do not come up to the festival of tabernacles and honor the Sovereign Lord of Host.

In that day, the horses will where bells and an inscription that says, “Holiness unto the Lord.” The pots in the Lord’s house will be like the bowls before the altar. Yes, every pot in Jerusalem and Judah will be holy to the Sovereign Lord of hosts.

No Tolerance for Canaanite Practices

They will be acceptable for boiling sacrifices; everyone will come to make an offering. From that day forward, no more acts of the Canaanites will be tolerated. That is, no more merchants, traders, and disobedient one will be welcomed in the House of the Lord of hosts.

Selah (this article is based on Zechariah chapter 14)

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