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The Chronological Order: The Creator is Abandoned

Continuing the chronological order of the Bible story, we’re entering something we titled, The Creator is Abandoned. We began with dominions and then rebellions; after this, we have the abandoned Creator. After the rebellion, things didn’t get better. The state of independence was not good for mankind just yet.

Adam and Eve had children, the first of mention were Cain and Abel. The two of them got into a considerable difference that led to Cain becoming envious and jealous. Cain was admonished and even edified by the Lord. Cain refused the admonishment and edification and continued in envy.

He slew his brother Abel and lied about it to the face of His Lord and Creator. After Cain was banished from the Lord, he and his offspring became worse and worse. Adam and Eve had another son they called Seth. Seth and his son Enos and it was at this men began to call upon the name of the Lord.

The Creator is Abandoned

They had stopped. They were not calling on the name of the Lord. Men had moved away since the declared independence. In the process of time, men continued to procreate and the lineage of righteous rulers was identified. However, the list of unrighteous overshadowed them.

All the way to the generation of Noah, the Lord suffered things so. It was at this time the Lord decided to end the project, the campaign, the enterprise of mankind becoming a god. The Lord decided to end it with a flood. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when men began to multiply in the earth wickedly.

The righteous sons of God began to marry and breed with the unrighteous daughters of men. The Lord knew that His spirit would not always strive with mankind. The Lord shortened their years and decided to end their lives; had it not been for the righteous Noah, this creation would have been wiped out.

Mankind abandoned their Creator, which will lead to the next chronological order of historical biblical events. The end of mankind… well sorta!


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