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The Chronological Order of the Bible Story

When reading and studying the Word of God, it is good to have a general understanding. The chronological order of the bible is certainly helpful. When you put a story to the chronological order of the Bible, it makes it even better.

How does this story begin?

It has to start with the words “In the Beginning!” It is written like that in Genesis chapter 1, verse 1, “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” It is also written that way in the gospel of John, “In the beginning was the Word!” The Word was with God and was God. All things were made by Him (John 1:3).

In Genesis 1:3, we heard God say, “Let there be light; there was light.” The creation gets going. By the sixth day, mankind is created. Hello Adam and Eve, and the more interesting part of this is that they were given dominion over everything in and on the earth.

They were given charge to multiply, to be fruitful, to replenish, and subdue the earth. Everything was good and gravy, no problems, until… Until Adam was tested for God to observe and know who he would yield his members toward. In plain, God was testing mankind to see if the man would obey Him or no. God was proving, testing, or observing His creation.

The Chronological Order of the Bible Story: Dominions

People often ask why did God put Adam in the garden with the serpent? It is simple, to test him. God has done this all throughout the Bible. Moses talked about it in Deuteronomy chapter 8; God humbled Israel to prove them. This was to see if they would keep His commandments or no (8:2). God tempted Abraham (Gen 22:1).

God checked Abraham out to see if he would give up everything to serve God. The God of Heaven and Earth had to shout from Heaven because Abraham was true or faithful to His Lord and God. Again, the children of Israel with the manna from Heaven was a test (Exodus 16:4). Would they listen to God or no; it always comes back to the law of obedience.

It is safe to say God is testing or proving us right now! Are we going resign soon, or get weak? Anyhow, back to the chronological order of the Bible story. This one we called Dominions because this is where mankind, through Adam is given dominion. Both he and his lovely consort Eve (how people talk today) were given this superiority jointly!

They Abdicated Their Earthly Throne

Adam and Eve were tested, and they failed. They abdicated their earthly throne and lost their dominion. This is part one of many; this will give you a great overview of the chronological order of Bible story. This will enable you, in our opinion, to understand the Word of God better.

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The Chronological Order of the Bible Story


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