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Taking Jericho An Ultra-Powerful Amazing Feat

This (taking the city of Jericho) was an ultra-powerful amazing feat. They burned the city with fire. And they were only allowed the silver, gold, vessels of brass, and iron to be taken into the treasury of the house of the LORD.

Israel also preserved Rahab the harlot and all her household. She dwelled among Israel all her days, and her father’s house still existed among Israel. 

The children of Israel still experienced their own troubles prompted by the decisions of a man named Achan. When Israel went into the city of Jericho, Achan decided to keep some of the nicer styles of apparel as well as some gold and silver to himself.

Achan Troubled Israel

When the children of Israel readied themselves to take down the next city, the city of Ai, they were beaten badly. It was because of what Achan had done. The situation was fixed thanks to Achan fessing up (confession) but it cost him his life.

Not only his life, but it also cost him the life of his household, wife, and children. To be continued…


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