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Joshua Magnified in the Eyes of the People

Israel then crossed the river. Joshua was magnified in the eyes of the people by God. And as soon as the twelve men were chosen from each tribe and the twelve priests who bore the ark of the LORD set their feet in the river, something amazing happened.

The waters that came down from above stood up like someone built a dam across the river. They were able to cross over or pass over the Jordan on dry ground. The Israelites set up a monument for the occasion as well as set up camp at a place called Gilgal.

They were preparing for battle as they marched into Jericho to take the city. 

The people of Jericho were terrified at this point, but they knew there was nothing they could do. However, before the children of Israel could take the city, they had to handle some business with the LORD. The business was to celebrate the Passover.

In order to celebrate the Passover, they first had to circumcise themselves. This generation had not been circumcised because their parents were not on top of the business of the LORD’s covenant (eighth-day circumcision of each male child).

Nevertheless, after they circumcised themselves, and ate the Passover, Israel captured Jericho through the power of the LORD. They circled the city six times silently. On the seventh circle, they blew the trumpets and all the people shouted and took the city.


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