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Study Topic: In the Days of These Kings Part 2

Study Topic: In the Days of These Kings Part 1

In the Days of These Kings Part 2

Welcome back to the study topic, in the days of these kings. This is part 2, Daniel and his brothers are summoned to be killed. Nevertheless, Arioch convinced the king to grant them time since they weren’t called with the wise men initially.

We are continuing from this point. Daniel and his companions, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, were known by their Babylonian given names. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, as well as Daniel, were given the dream and the meaning by the Lord.

They reported to Arioch they had the dream, and he announced to the king he has found a man who could interpret the king’s dream. These brothers, captives of Judah, and were hurriedly brought in before the king. It was urgent.

Daniel revealed to the king that he can, through the God of Israel, tell the king his dream and meaning. An important note is that Daniel told the king’s dream is for things to take place in the latter days. The latter days of this generation of the earth.

Daniel begins to first tell the king what his dream was. In the dream, the king saw a great image that was bright and excellent; at the same time it was terrifying to view because it represented so many things. First the head of the image was fine gold.

A Stone Cut Out Without Hands

As we go down the image, the chest and arms were silver, the belly and thighs were brass, and finally, the legs and feet were both iron and clay. Nebuchadnezzar, the great king, saw a stone cut out without hands, and the stone was thrown at the feet of the image.

It knocked the image down, breaking it into pieces. The pieces turned into husks of  summer wheat at threshing time. It was carried away like it had never been there to begin with. The stone that crushed the image, that Stone became a great mountain and filled the entire earth.

Interesting, but what does it mean? Daniel continued, telling the king that he was a chief king among the kings of the earth, and his authority, might, and strength was provided by the God of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Wherever men dwelled, Nebuchadnezzar was authorized to rule. He had the same authorization over the beasts of the earth. More important to the image, Nebuchadnezzar was represented on the image, he was the head of gold on the image.

In the Days of These Kings…

Daniel wasn’t finished. He told the king that after his kingdom, another kingdom inferior to his will rise up, and after them, a third kingdom, will rule over the entire earth.

This will continue until the fourth kingdom, which will be a very strong kingdom, strong as iron, but not as wealthy and polished as Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom. This kingdom was going to break in pieces it’s people, and subdue all things, they will be vicious.

The last kingdom was both iron and clay, it is a divided kingdom, but strong. This kingdom was attempting to join itself to each other. It will eventually fall apart as iron cannot mix with clay.

Nevertheless, in the days of these kings, these last kings represented in the toes, the ten toes of the latter part of the image, the God of Heaven will set up a kingdom. The Lord’s Kingdom will never be destroyed.

The Lord’s Kingdom will not be left to another people, but it will simply break in pieces and consume all kingdoms before it, as it stands forever.

Inspired by Ancient Divine Visionaires

Now whether we know it or not, we just went from Nebuchadnezzar, all the way beyond our present day (2017 at the time of this writing). Nebuchadnezzar was a ruler from 605-562 BCE.

One dream by an ancient ruler, interpreted by a prophet, written in a book called Daniel, told history. The book of Daniel is part of a collection of books in the bible, all with one goal in mind; tell and prepare people for the coming Kingdom of God, and its’ King, the Lord Jesus.

In the latter days, in the days of these kings, the God of Heaven will establish a Kingdom. The Lord’s  Kingdom will not be destroyed.

We will find out as we go through this study topic that what today is known to us as world history, was foretold to us by ancient prophecy. It was inspired by ancient divine visionaries who the Lord used for His will and purposes.

Get ready for the ride!


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  1. Betty Kinney Betty Kinney

    Is this Kingdom on earth describing the time when the Lion will lay down with a lamb and not hurt it? Meaning that there will be peace on earth instead of chaos, hate, strife, etc. What a day that would be. No worries. The wicked shall cease from troubling!

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