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Speak Not to Jacob Either Good or Bad

In the Book of Genesis chapter 31, there is a scene between Laban and Jacob. It includes the phrase, “…Speak not to Jacob either good or bad.” Jacob did not like the appearance and the countenance of Laban after a business deal began to go bad for Laban.

Jacob became worried and wanted to depart back to his homeland. Also, a vision from God told him that it was time to depart and return to the land of Canaan. As he took off in the middle of the night with his wives, Laban’s daughters, and his children and all his belongings, he did not say goodbye to Laban or to Laban’s sons.

He just left. Fear will make us make some different decisions when it’s time for those decisions. Jacob took off and three days later Laban is made aware that Jacob had left. He jumped on his horse and chased after Jacob. Laban overtook them but before they did, the Lord visited Laban.

Speak Not to Jacob Either Good or Bad

Yes, the God of Israel, the God of Jacob visited Laban and communicated to him in a dream. The Lord said to him when he runs upon His servant Jacob, to be sure he does not speak good or bad towards him. In fact, the Lord said, Take heed that thou speak not to Jacob either good or bad.

This is the kind of blessings and favor we want today. When we make a bad decision or do things that do not quite add up in the scope of life, we know people will get upset. When we have somebody ready to breathe down our throat, we want that intercession from God.

We want the Lord to cause the person not to speak to us, either good or bad. We pray this in the name of Jesus for our readers and subscribers. When Laban overtook Jacob, he did not come speaking good or bad, he was very neutral.

He asked Jacob why he did what he’d done, why he stole his stuff, and why did he leave like he was taking his daughters captive? The father in law, son in law had an amicable conversation about the events that took place. This is what happens when God shows you the favor when the Lord makes even your enemies to be at peace with you. Amen!


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