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Seven Women Shall Take Hold of One Man

Seven Women Shall Take Hold of One Man: In that day, when the daughters of Zion lament and mourn, as she sits upon the ground desolate a change will come. The change will be that seven women will take hold of one man.

They will say to him, “We will buy our own bread and clothing, only allow us to be called by your name to take away our reproach.” This will be the same day when the branch of the LORD will be beautiful and glorious.

The fruit of the earth will be excellent and comely for those of Israel who survive. This day will be for those who are left in Zion, and Jerusalem will be called holy; even those who are written among the living in Jerusalem.

A Cloud of Smoke By Day, Fire By Night

At this time these events will be when the LORD ALMIGHTY will have finally washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion. He will purge the blood of Jerusalem from the midst of it by the spirit of judgment, which will be by the spirit of burning.

Then the LORD ALMIGHTY will create a cloud and smoke during the day. It will be upon every dwelling place of mount Zion. Also, there will be a shining flame of fire by night, and this glory will be a defense for the sons and daughters of Zion.

There will be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from heat and for a place of refuge and covert from the storm and rain.

Chapter Remarks

This chapter, Isaiah chapter 4, is a continuation of chapter three. The end of chapter three is where the LORD ALMIGHTY greatly warns the daughters of Zion because of their pride and arrogant attitude.

In the end, things will go bad for the unrepented including their men being annihilated in death. This will cause a great lopsidedness in the ratio of men to women. That’s where this chapter comes in; on that day seven women will take hold of one man.

These women will be self-efficient, willing to work to maintain their own food, but only desire for the nonmarried reproach to be taken away from them. This is a time period when the LORD Yashaya (Jesus) the CHRIST will be back on the earth.

The earth would have taken a good toll by war, famine, and overall tribulation. The result leads to the cleansing of the land by judgment and burning. O how good are the prophets of the ALMIGHTY, who foretell the future by the Word of the MOST-HIGH?

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