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Seek the Kingdom of Heaven as a Definite Chief Aim

Joshua wrote that keeping the law is how you will find good success (Joshua 1:8), and to seek the kingdom of Heaven as a definite chief aim is the starting point. There is no perfect person, let alone a flawless Christian. We all backslide or fall short of the laurels of the Great Creator. We tumble when it comes to preserving our Divine ways. For many people, this is because we lose sight of our end goal.

Individual achievement gurus teach in order to be successful, you have to focus on a definite chief aim. I first learned this when I left college and read the books, The Science of Success by Wallace D. Wattles, Born Rich by Bob Proctor, and Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

More so than I’d learned from any Church I’d been to or grown up in, establishing a definite chief aim or goal was defiantly encouraged by these authors. It was essential for one to have success.

After reading the gospels, I concluded that they had received this knowledge from Yashaya (Jesus). He told in Matthew chapter 5 what our chief aim should be; it is to seek the Kingdom of God (the Great Creator). For success, in secular living or spiritual, we should have a definite chief aim. It is crucial for the world we live in today and the world we seek tomorrow.

I’m going to show you how in this brief article.

In Matthew 6:33, Yashaya taught His disciples to go for the Kingdom of the Eternal Father first. After they’d sought out and found the Kingdom, then they could ‘worry’ about things of the regular physical world. Things like clothing, food, and shelter. This means that seeking the Father’s kingdom should be the definite chief aim not just for all Christians, but all of the Father’s children.

Getting into the Great Creator’s kingdom may be simple, but it is not the easiest of tasks. Your life work will be examined. Your work and your faith will be the main areas of assessment. Yashaya, the Holy Anointed Son, stated that flesh and blood cannot enter into the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. This means the Father’s Kingdom is not a world where the works of the flesh will be tolerated.

The way seeking a definite chief aim works is simple.

We can do it for our physical and spiritual lives. The initial step is to decide upon a definite chief aim. For all children of the Eternal Father to fair well there has to be an ultimate goal you are looking to achieve. Solomon, one of the great kings of the Bantu wrote man’s complete duty is to fear or reverence the Great Creator and keep His commandments (Eccl 12:13).

As children and stewards, our main goal is to please our Great Creator. What is pleasing to our Eternal Father? That we love one another. Next, we should write on paper our major goal, preferably in our own handwriting. This way we can see and read it every day. After this, we then drum together a plan with steps to take to get us to our definite chief aim.

Goals Require Focus

Last, we encircle ourselves with people with like goals and qualities that will aid the group in moving towards that chief aim. Because pleasing the Great Creator is the definite chief aim, it is imperative to thoroughly learn about the Eternal Father and His desires.

This is done by getting into a good Bible Study Ministry or group as well as individually reading and studying the Great Creator’s Word on a daily basis. It would help to ask, seek, and knock for the companionship of the Holy Spirit so that your study is with understanding.

The days are long gone when we just go to church to dance, sing, fashion, get motivated, often get tired, and go home. You must now study to really know about the Great Creator within the pages of the Bible. There are things in the Bible that will offend every person alive, but it is critical to take it in as it is.

Spiritual and Biblical Understanding

The Great Creator is not going to bend the law of life for us; we must bend and mend our lives for Him. By this, we must get rid of traditions that do not edify His law. These traditions that we grew up with may have included false teachings of Yashaya the Anointed One in them. Once we have increased our Biblical understanding of Yashaya the Anointed One, it is time to repent and be baptized in the name of Yashaya.

Lastly, the idea or goal to please the Great Creator is a good start in deciding upon a definite chief aim. As we look to achieve things in life, getting into the Great Creator’s Kingdom to live forever in righteousness should be atop the list.

In doing this, we will by default obtain all of the other things on our list of goals because the Word of the Great Creator cannot fail. All of these things will be added to us, now and forever. We become successful in life and as stewards and children of the Great Creator based on our character and the level of happiness and righteousness we have.

Seek the Kingdom of Heaven

Material possessions are important because they make us ‘feel’ good or better. However, the thing that will make us flourish is seeking and attaining the Kingdom of the Eternal Father.

Keeping a definite chief aim will keep you focused every day. Seeking the Eternal Father’s Kingdom as your chief aim will ultimately become your reality at the appointed time. In the Father’s kingdom, there is joy, peace, and everlasting riches. Riches you can begin receiving today, and are certain to receive then.

Stay focused on His Word, the Great Creator bless you.

Minister Koko


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Happy Samba

Until next time, with all love and spiritual regards, be strong and very courageous.

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