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Exodus Chapter 8 Commentary

In Exodus chapter 8, we witness the continuation of the struggle between Moses, the emissary of the Great Spirit, and Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt. The narrative highlights the power of the Great Spirit and His ability to bring about miracles and signs to assert His authority and deliver His people.

The chapter begins with the plague of frogs. The Great Spirit instructs Moses to command Aaron to stretch forth his hand over the waters of Egypt, causing an infestation of frogs to cover the land.

This plague symbolizes the disruptive nature of the spiritual realm. The frogs invade the households, the bedrooms, and even the beds of the Egyptians. It is a powerful reminder that the Great Spirit’s dominion extends beyond the earthly realm and that His power surpasses that of Pharaoh and his gods.

The Creator and the Gods

When the Apostle Paul speaks or writes about powers and principalities, this is reference to the chain of command of the spirits in the earth. While this is difficult for some cultures to comprehend and accept, it is how the world is ruled.

Spirit entities have dominion over governments in the earth, however the Great Spirit has all dominion. Pharaoh and all the nations have gods (or spirit entities) they serve, worship, or report to. Just as Moses reports to the Great Spirit, the nations priests and rulers report to the spirit entity they choose to serve.

Pharaoh was faced with the discomfort and inconvenience caused by the frogs, and he sought relief. For the relief, he promises to let the Bantu go if Moses intercedes on his behalf. However, when the Great Spirit removed the frogs as Moses requests, Pharaoh reneged on his promise, hardening his heart and refusing to release the Bantu.

More Dominion Displayed by the Creator

Following the failure of Pharaoh to keep his word, the Great Spirit commands Moses to stretch out his rod once again, bringing about the plague of gnats or lice. This plague afflicts both humans and animals, covering the bodies and causing great discomfort. The magicians of Egypt are unable to replicate this miracle, acknowledging the superior power of the Great Spirit.

The repetitive pattern of the plagues reflects the persistent resistance of Pharaoh and the continued assertion of the Great Spirit’s supremacy. It is a testament to the Great Spirit’s unwavering commitment to liberating His people and fulfilling His promises.

From an African-Bantu perspective, this narrative holds significant symbolism. The plagues represent the struggle against oppression and the liberation of the African people. It teaches us that even in the face of great adversity, the Great Spirit empowers His chosen leaders to challenge oppressive forces and bring about justice.

The Creator Fights for the Oppressed

In Exodus chapter 8, we witness the unyielding power of the Great Spirit. As well as His determination to deliver His people from bondage. It is a reminder that the Great Spirit fights on behalf of the oppressed and empowers them to overcome the forces that seek to keep them in chains.

As we reflect on this chapter, let us be reminded of the strength and resilience of our ancestors. They endured oppression and slavery, amongst many other afflictions. Let us draw inspiration from their story and continue the fight for justice and freedom in our own lives and communities. May we trust in the power of the Great Spirit to lead us towards liberation and a brighter future.

The Land of Shem

All of this story takes place in the land of Shem. Unfortunately for us who trusted and went along with modern theology and scripture, unbeknownst to us, we’ve been robbed. The land of Shem is otherwise known as the continent of Africa. The land of Canaan is in the southern parts of Afrika.

This is the land given to the house of Akobe, and to their fathers, Isaaka and Abram. 

Old maps are confirming the way, the Spirit of the Great Creator is leading the way. He is toppling lies and things of no profit.

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