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Ruth Chapter 2 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Ruth chapter two summary brings together a special union. The chapter began with the introduction to a man named Boaz. He was important because of who came out of his lineage.

He was a kinsman of Naomi’s late husband Elimelech. Ruth went to find work in the field and she found work in Boaz’s vineyard. Boaz asked about her and his workers gave her backstory, the gossip, the intel to him.

He was impressed and began to show her favorable treatment. Boaz told Ruth to work in his field and no one else’s, and drink water without worry. She was surprised at his gesture, especially because he knew she was a stranger.

Ruth Chapter 2 Summary

Boaz told her he was aware of how she left her parents and the land of her nativity to stay with Naomi and the children of Israel. The LORD will repay you, Boaz told Ruth.

Her kindness to his kinsman Elimelech was what impressed Boaz. One day, Ruth returned home with plenty of food after her day of work, she had enough for Naomi, and this surprised Naomi.

The mother-in-law wondered why. Ruth told Naomi about Boaz, and Naomi knew that God was in the midst of blessing and comforting them through Boaz, a near kinsman.

This is the summary of Ruth chapter 2, glory to the Almighty God.


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