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Ruth Chapter 1 Summary


Ruth Chapter 1 Summary

Welcome to the book of Ruth.

Ruth chapter one begins with the tell of a famine in the land Judah during the days of the judges of Israel.

During this famine, a man named Elimelech took his wife, Naomi, and their two sons out of Bethlehem-Judah to go live in the country of Moab.

Unfortunately while there, Elimelech died. His two sons took wives in the land of Moab, but sorrowfully, once again for this family, the two sons also died there leaving the family with no males.

The sons wives were named Orpah (like Oprah) and the other was Ruth. As the famine ended, Naomi returned to the land of Judah, but she told her daughters-in-law they should go back to their land and to their families.

She blessed them and thanked them for their kindness to her and her sons. These were the days and times when mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws got along (at any rate).

The daughters wanted to stay with Naomi, but Naomi was finished with child rearing (having children), and had no sons to give to them (a custom in Israel).

Orpah kissed Naomi and returned to Moab, but Ruth said no-way, she desired to stay with Naomi, her mother-in-law. Ruth told her mother-in-law that her people Israel were her people, and Naomi’s God is her God. She was firm on that and there was nothing Naomi could do about it.

This is chapter one of the book of Ruth.

We’ll be sharing more chapter summaries in the future, for now praise the Lord through His Son Jesus the Messiah, and bless His Holy name. Also, blessings to you and we hope to see you again.


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