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Russian War ‘Against Europe and the World’ is on the Way

If I may speak plainly to you, I must act as a watchman and for the record, BLOW the ALARM and TRUMPET. We are living in a world today very volatile. With the recent actions of the Russian Federation, we feel compelled to tell every son and daughter of the Heavenly Father to guard themselves.

Arm up with the full armor of God, because the hour has come. The US economy, hence, the world economy will most likely plunge in May or June of this year (2022). This will probably escalate the current war with Russia and Ukraine with other nations joining in (including the US). In this war among the nations, heavy military weapons will be detonated, even introducing missiles of nuclear proportions.

In the rundown of events stated in the scriptures (we published in a recent post), we are approaching the Euphrates river being dried and the nations being gathered for war. 

Warnings from the Prophets

In the days of Noah, the people lived like they did not see any of the global events around them taking place. They acted or did not see any of the warnings from the prophets and ministers of God. The flood came and took them all away. Christ said it will be as in the days of Noah at His second coming.

We are on April 22nd of 2022 – all of man’s calendars are off and this is why Christ gave us signs. The fig tree is ready to bloom. I cannot tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I would do if I were you or what I’m doing as a minister and son of the Almighty.

I’m storing food and resources, not for myself and my family, but for you and other families who have no clue or disregard the clues the world is emitting to us via the events of the world. 

Full Out War Coming

These unaware and uninformed family members, coworkers, community friends, and other associations will need your preplanning (often called prepping) when our world goes into full-out war if it is the Father’s will. 

During WW1 and WW2, life back home in the states (USA) was hard but relatively okay (as you compare to life in Europe).

Life in Europe was harsh because they hosted the war; life in Ukraine cannot be anything close to normal if a school teacher all of the sudden is bearing arms and shooting at Russian soldiers.

How Will You Survive?

When the war comes to your home court or home field, Amazon trucks won’t be delivering. Walmart or your version of it in your country will be closed or raided. How will you survive? Do you think there were not good-hearted “Christians” who lived in Ukraine offering sincere good-hearted prayers for the Father to stop Russia?

Prayers against the will of the Father are fruitless. Learn and understand His will. Prepare yourself to get out of the way or become a help for someone else.

When you store up food, you will not be targeted. Especially so if you’ve repented and have aligned yourself with the Holy Order of the Son of God. Instead, you will be a help, a minister to those who will need you, who will need the Word.

Just Like Joseph and His Brothers

If you’ve stored for your family, friends, and some associates, or anyone in need, for they are your spiritual brothers and sisters, they will at that time come to you to eat from you, as did Joseph’s brothers did in Egypt.

This is also when they will more readily hear the gospel and understand the things you’ve been put aware of by the Father, through Christ and the Holy Ghost and the Holy Prophets. You must prepare yourself now, both spiritually and physically.

Entourage of Angels

I know, I’m just an email that comes through your servers; I’m not a conglomerate church or institution. I am not a big-name pastor or self-proclaimed prophet. I’m a man, your brother, who has been sent to you for this very hour to prepare yourself. Prepare your house, and help others prepare for the coming events on earth.

This includes the invasion of aliens, whom we, with spiritual awareness and understanding, know to be Jesus Christ and His entourage of angels.

Don’t believe me; believe the undeniable proof of events foretold by the prophets in the Bible. Consider the timeline and timetable of events prewritten to take place that has and are taking place. Believe Vladimir Putin that he is prepared to wage full-scale war with Ukraine. Also with NATO, and any other power that would stand in his way.

Consider and trust in the Father and His Christ, and the Holy Prophets and Prophetesses who proclaim these things.
. Amen.

Elder Ishe / Brthr Nhmyh

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