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Is There a Rundown of Events Until Christ Returns?

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Today’s question is:

Is There a Rundown of Events Until Christ Returns?

This is a great question because we happen to place them in the midst of the previous email regarding the third temple in Jerusalem. According to some churches, bible institutions, and prophetic teachings, many people believe the Jewish people will reestablish a temple in Jerusalem.

Not only that, but they (Jewish people) will also reestablish animal sacrifices as was done in the days of old. Further, they will have this practice stopped by the Bishop of Rome (the Pope and the Catholic Church); the Catholic Church, in an unprecedented move, will move its location’s headquarters.

They will move from Vatican City relocating to Jerusalem, take over the Temple, and discontinue the animal sacrificial practice. In a way, the Pope would be presenting himself as the Christ and this would be the sign of the end.

The Spirit of God Back on the Earth

We were taught this and believed this up until 2020; in 2020, the Most-High closed down everything, especially the churches, which gave us time to study without the guidance of men, but by the full guidance of the Holy Spirit (if you allowed).

This was when we realized a future temple was a pedagogy installed by the Catholic hierarchy to keep their congregants engaged concerning the return of Christ. The Catholic church was hemorrhaging members in the renaissance period and during the age of enlightenment.

They urged their bishops to do something about the loss of members; they did. Yes, they began to make up end-time event scenarios that would be utilized as a fear tactic to keep their members, members. This is where the doctrine of the third temple in Jerusalem originated from.

Noticeably Missing is the Temple Build

Now that I typed this out, it probably would have been more appropriate in the previous post. Nevertheless, since a third temple is not part of the actual biblical records and program, we were guided by the spirit to show us what is the actual program. Here it is below in reverse:

  • Christ Rules for a Thousand Years
  • The Messiah invades the earth with His Troops
  • Christ opens the Heavens at the Seventh Seal (known as the sixth seal in the scriptures)
  • The nations begin to use thermonuclear weapons against each other and their civilians

  • The nations gathered together to war with each other
  • Euphrates River is dried making a way for the kings of the east
  • The world experiences calamities thought to be global warming, but they are the trumpets and vials being poured upon the earth.
  • “This gospel” of the Kingdom begins to be preached to all nations

  • A desolating sickness covers the land, pestilence or pandemic covers all nations
  • The tribes of Israel begin to be sealed as well as the nations who receive the Light; they repent and are baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Light breaks forth upon Israel by way of Ephraim and Judah, Christ receives and opens the Book of the Seven Seals to begin gathering His people using the latter of the last day Elijah and other prophets.

  • We know and prophesy in part because the book is still sealed; we see through a glass, darkly until the Light breaks forth (it did in 2019).

Prior to 2019/2020, everyone saw (the scriptures) in part. It did not matter if they were a 40-year Israelite, 55-year Levitical Jew, or 2-week Christian. It didn’t matter if they were 30-year choir members, deacons, apostles, or young Ibibio-Nigerian learning the BIble in-depth for the first time.

They ALL prophesied in part and saw through a glass darkly. In 2020 a Light broke forth, it was the fullness of the gospel; the revelation of the Book of the Seven Seals was revealed. Along with this, “Karana Vyrus” was the desolating sickness that covered the land. Then those who received or saw the Light break forth began teaching “This gospel,” of the Kingdom, which sounds like this:

Repent and be baptized for the remission of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost because the Kingdom of God is at hand. Love, forgive, do justly, have faith, have mercy, and in all things have charity; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The Law of the Gospel

This is the commandment and this is “This gospel,” the law of the gospel. You’ll notice this has been our ministry since then, we focus more on the Order of the Son of God, of Melchizedek more so than Levi or Aaron.

We’ve been experiencing unnatural weather patterns but since 2020 they have increased in frequency and intensity. There goes our vials and trumpets being increased and poured upon us. So we are simply waiting for the Euphrates River to dry up and once this occurs, which it has been drying up, the next step or event is war.

This war will engage nuclear weapons, which Christ will return and stop. He must before the children of men destroy the world altogether. Therefore, the list above starts from the bottom and goes to the top. And that is our rundown of major events or prophecies. These will take place until the King of kings returns to rule on the earth.

Share this with friends, coworkers, and family so they are aware of what is coming.

I pray this has been edifying in the name of the Son of God.

Elder Ishe / Brthr Nhmyh


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