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Numbers Chapter 8 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Numbers chapter 8 summary showcased the cleansing of the Levites for the work of the LORD. In chapter eight, God gave Aaron instructions on how to handle the interior of the tabernacle.

It began with the instructions on lighting the lamps, the seven golden lamps. The next task took the Levites in for purification and cleansing. This was done by sprinkling the water of purification on them, shaving their head or hair on the head, and washing their clothes.

Numbers Chapter 8 Summary

Not a bad process at all, however, the process wasn’t complete. It was followed by a meat and sin offering ceremonial sacrifice. The chapter also reminded Moses and the children of Israel (as well as us today) that the Levites were given to the LORD in exchange for every first male of every family of the tribes of Israel.

This was because of the Passover, and the Levites then were given to the house of Aaron as a gift. When a Levite became 25 years of age and upward, they qualified to participate in the service of the tabernacle.

At age 50 they could retire from the physical labor, however, they still had to continue into the ministerial side of work. This is the summary of Numbers chapter 8, glory to the Highest God, the God of Israel.


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