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Numbers Chapter 5 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Numbers chapter 5 summary reiterated the judgments and cleanliness laws within the camp of the Israelites. It began as God commanded Moses to put out of the camp every leper. They also had to remove those defiled by a running issue or dead body.

Here were some judgements: if a man stole, he first had to confess to stealing then return the principal. In addition to this, he had to add 20% to principle from whom he stole from.

The next section (of the chapter) spoke in regards to an adulterous woman whose husband became suspicious his wife was not faithful. If there were no witnesses and the spirit of jealousy came upon him regarding his wife, then he had to take his wife to the priest with an offering of memorial.

Numbers Chapter 5 Summary

This offering brought iniquity to remembrance. The priest would take holy water and pour on the floor. Then the elder set the woman before God and took off her headwear or head covering and gave her the offering of memorial (which is the jealousy offering).

The priest then gave her bitter water that caused a curse; she drank that and took an oath. At this point, she could either confess that she’s been unfaithful or proceed with the oath.

If she proceeded and was found guilty and cursed, her belly would swell and her thigh would rot. She’d be cursed among her people. But if she was found innocent, she would be free and still have the ability to have children in the future (she’d just give her husband a very hard time at home :)).

This is the summary of Numbers chapter 5, glory to Honor, the God of Israel.


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