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Micah From the Tribe of Ephraim

Previously on the History of Israel, the death of Samson took place. The scene now shifted to a man named Micah. A man named Micah from the tribe of Ephraim stole eleven hundred pieces of silver from his mother. She didn’t know it was he who took the money, but she cursed whoever did it. He eventually confessed and returned the money.

She blessed him and gave the money back to him which they turned into an idol in Micah’s house. He had a house of gods, an ephod, a teraphim, and consecrated one of his sons to act as his personal priest.

In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in their own eyes. A young man from Judah who acted as a Levite came to live in the area. Micah made him stay with him, and made him his father and priest, providing him ten pieces of silver a set of clothes as well as food. 

Micah From the Tribe of Ephraim

He believed this would help his life and that the LORD would do good to him now that he had a priest living with him. The history of Israel at this time has to be noted again that there was no king governing and leading them.

The tribe of Dan didn’t have an inheritance to call their own. They organized five warriors who would find them a parcel of land they could dwell on. Then they found Micah’s house and they listened to Micah’s priest speaking. They were able to tell he was from the south, questioning why he was living up north.

That’s when he revealed he was a hired priest for Micah. And we’ll continue in the next posting…


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