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Matthew Chapter 27 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Welcome to Matthew chapter 27 summary. Here in this summary, it began the morning where the chief priests took Jesus to be executed or as the old King James would say crucified.

First, they bound Him and took Him before Pontius Pilate. Pilate did not have enough to condemn Jesus nor did he want to. The LORD was brought back to the chief priests.  

Switching scenes, Judas, who had previously betrayed Jesus realized the chief priests were really going to execute Him. His guilt overwhelmed him as he attempted to return the 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders of the people.

Matthew Chapter 27 Summary

They declined to receive it back and told Judas they had nothing to do with him any longer. He left distraught and killed himself. The chief priests then took the returned money and purchase a field to bury foreigners in.

Back to Jesus, they insisted the governor have to Him crucified. However, there was a tradition where Pilate would release a criminal during the annual festivals. They could release Jesus or a man named Barabbas. The crowd demanded Barabbas to be released.

Pilate knew the people and leaders especially were envious of Jesus, so he started to say things like Jesus was their king. At this time Pilate’s wife came in and told her hubby to have nothing to do with the death of that just man, Jesus Christ.

Pilate’s Wife Tells Him to Wash Hands

Pilot washes his hands of Jesus execution

She had been tormented in a dream concerning Jesus that night and wanted nothing to do with Him or the situation. Pilate then washed his hands of the situation before the people saying that His crucifixion or execution would be upon the hands of the Jews.

The people claimed the fault of the execution on themselves and also upon their children (way to go leaders). Barabbas was released and Jesus was flogged, mocked, and then hung on a cross. The Roman soldiers had a lot of fun with Jesus, mocking the LORD as a king.

After being beaten and mocked, Jesus carried the cross to the burial place as far as He could go. The Romans compelled a man named Simon of Cyrene to bear the cross for ailing Jesus.

They Executed the Son of God…

When they got to the place of the skull, also known as Golgotha, Jesus was placed on the cross given vinegar to drink and His clothing parted by lot casting soldiers. This fulfilled a lot of scripture and prophecy as Jesus hung on the cross.

The acquisition written over His head said This is Jesus, the King of the Jews. People mocked Him as He hung upon the tree; they did this until He died. Prior to His death, the city went dark for three hours, from noon to 3 p.m.

This was when people realize they may have actually executed the Son of God. His body was taken down by a rich disciple named Joseph and placed in a huge tomb, which was sealed by the Pharisees.

They did this to protect the body from disciples who they believed would steal the body and pretend that Jesus had risen from the dead. And this is the summary of Matthew chapter 27, glory to the Most High God.


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  1. Calleb Omondi Calleb Omondi

    Please, correct the typo – you have PILOT instead of PILATE

    • Thank you Calleb, there were like five of them. Gracious appreciation for pointing it out for us. Blessings

      Elder Ishe

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