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Matthew Chapter 26 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Welcome to Matthew chapter 26 summary. In this chapter came the plot to have Jesus the Messiah, executed. The chapter began with the upcoming Holy Days (Festival of Unleavened Bread), which before they came, the Passover was at hand.

They prepared for the Passover but before this, at a leperous man’s house, a woman poured very precious oils over the LORD’s body. Jesus disciples were upset about this. They believe the oils could have been used to help the poor, but He told them she did a good thing.

Jesus also said people will talk about her for a long time (especially when they talk about the gospel). She’d essentially prepared Jesus’ body for His burial.

Matthew Chapter 26 Summary

Judas, one of the disciples, decided at this time he’d make that money back by accepting thirty pieces of silver from the chief priests to hand Jesus over to them. The Passover evening commenced and Jesus informed the group they had a trader among them.

Everyone wondered if it were them and if not, who it was. Nevertheless, Jesus did not reveal the person instead, He went right into the bread and wine, blessing it and commanding they eat and drink all of it.

It represented His body and blood, broken and shed for them and many for the remission of sins. Jesus personally wouldn’t partake in it until He eats and drinks with us in His Father’s kingdom.

Jesus Arrested Like He Was A Thief

They sang hymns and then the chapter takes a turn the whole world still knows about today. First, Jesus told them they will be offended by Him that night.

Peter denied he would and rebuked Jesus’ statement until Jesus told Peter he’d personally deny Him three times before the rooster crows. Peter still couldn’t believe Jesus.

Then Jesus began to get sorrowful and went into prayer. He prayed three times to the Father to remove “this” cup from Him if possible. Essentially, He did not want to die, however, He went along with the Father’s will.

After His disciples found it impossible to remain awake, Jesus was set up by Judas and arrested by the chief priests and elders of the people. He was questioned by the council and high priest, Caiaphas, who condemned Jesus of blasphemy.

Peter Denied the LORD Thrice

As they beat and mocked Him, Peter watched and being questioned by onlooking servants of the high priest, he denied knowing Jesus three times emphatically! The rooster yelled and Peter recalled the words of Jesus a few hours prior.

There he went off to cry by himself, very bitterly because everything just got very real. This is the summary of Matthew chapter 26, glory to Honor.


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