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We Will Not Have This Man to Reign Over Us

We will not have this man to reign over us, is a Bible study lesson that will share why the people of the world choose not to have the Messiah reign over them. In this parable given by the Holy Anointed Son in Luke chapter 19, the people of the world, the citizens in the parable, tell the servants of the Great Spirit they do not want the Anointed Son (the Nobleman) to rule over them.

The way that people tell the Anointed Son not to rule or reign over them is by disobeying His Word. The Anointed Son’s Word is administered and shared with the world through His prophets. His prophets are the children of Akobe (Jacob) from the Bible.

We Will Not Have This Man to Reign Over Us

If you disregard what the prophets teach, you disregard the words of the Anointed Son. If you disregard what the ministers and teachers in this current generation are teaching, you do not desire the Anointed Son to reign over you.

This parable will explain it and this lesson shows how the entire Bible supports the Anointed One’ parable. In Luke chapter 19 the Anointed gives a parable of a certain nobleman who gave his servants charge as he leaves and would return to see the fruits gathered there in.

The nobleman gave his servants pounds and told them to increase it with interest. But before they could even begin to work to bring increase, the citizens of the country came and told the servants that they did not want the nobleman to rule over them.

Therefore they did not listen or do any of the things that the nobleman wanted.

Certain of the servants began to multiply and do works in order to increase the pounds that the nobleman gave them, one did not. To those servants that increased, the nobleman gave them cities to rule over within his country.

For those that did well with the pounds he gave them much more to be faithful over because they were faithful with the little that he gave them at that time.

We Will Not Have This Man to Reign Over Us

However, one servant thought that the nobleman was a very strict and harsh man. He reaped what he did not sow and taking what he did not plant; therefore in fear and in disregard of all of the Commandments, he planted his pound in the ground so that he would not lose it. When the nobleman came back he took that pound away from the servant that did not increase. And gave it to those who would make good of it with usury.

After the nobleman made judgment on the servants, he turned to those enemies who desired for him not to rain over them. He brought them forward to be killed before him. Within the audio lesson (above you can press play to listen) we will explain this entire parable and allow you to understand everything that is being shared within this parable by the Christ.

We Will Not Have This Man to Reign Over Us

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Minister Elder Koko Ishe


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