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The Lord Trieth the Hearts: Daily Wisdom

The Lord Trieth the Hearts

Welcome back to Bible Study Ministry, here today we are continuing our daily wisdom postings, and we are reading over a few good verses to consume and digest as our spiritual nutrients for today! This wisdom  will lengthen our days! God bless you this day!

Daily Wisdom Bible Study – The Lord Trieth the Hearts

Better is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife.

It is better for the poor who have a home with peacefulness, than it is for those who have a home where they eat goats and bulls everyday, but there is strife nonstop. If you watch some of those “so-called” reality TV shows, such as a housewife show, you know what this scripture means. They are at strife a whole lot and it is no fun to be at strife whether you are rich or not.

2 A wise servant shall have rule over a son that causeth shame, and shall have part of the inheritance among the brethren.

We have seen this often where a wealthy man or woman leaves much of their fortune to a driver or butler who loved them and cared for them all their years as opposed to a son or daughter who was just waiting for the wealthy parent to die. Children need to remember commandment number five and be wise children towards their parents.

3 The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the Lord trieth the hearts.

Daily Wisdom: The Lord Trieth the Hearts

God is always looking at what we are thinking about, because it is what we are thinking about that forms us. What is our heart on continually, is what God is looking at.

4 A wicked doer giveth heed to false lips; and a liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue.

The wicked listens to lies just as the liar listen to lies. They listen to lies to spread the lies for gain or to hurt those trying to be and stay righteous. Avoid listening to lies, and the best way to avoid ‘lie-listening’ is to know the truth.

5 Whoso mocketh the poor reproacheth his Maker: and he that is glad at calamities shall not be unpunished.

We are not to mock the poor, just as it is not wise to mock someone for their physical appearance. This is to mark disapproval towards his Maker (Jesus). Have you ever gone to an art gallery and told the artist, this painting is ugly? Have you ever called a woman’s child “painful to the eyes” to her face? These people if they were tough-minded will ignore you and move on, but they will always remember your reproach or disapproval. This is what people who call others ugly, dirty, filthy, bums, and anything else are doing to those they just judged; they are reproaching their Maker.

The second part of this verse goes into people taking joy in the calamity of others. There should be no rejoicing at other people’s fall. According to King Solomon, you will not go unpunished.

The Lord Trieth the Hearts

This is our daily wisdom Bible study for today, we’re grateful you joined us, and the Almighty bless and establish you for applying them into your life daily. Don’t forget to look into other studies we have on our website, and join our newsletter, if you have YouTube, subscribe to our YouTube Channelfollow us on Twitter, and like our Facebook page. We thank you and God bless you in Jesus name!

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