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Lifestyles: Praying and Fasting

Lifestyles: Praying and Fasting

Praying and Fasting

Fast and Pray, however avoid doing it for show and props. The hypocrites do this. Much of Jesus’ teaching could be a tall-tale of the avoidance of being or becoming a hypocrite.

Religious ritualistic activity has gained so much respect and prestige in the world that many people strongly desire to be one who is respected and honored as a religious clergyman. However, this desire to be a religious clergyman is one that is not the natural or original human purpose.

The religious clergyman was created out of  sin or rebellion. Therefore, there should not be a real desire for this position, but of the position that was held before this. At anyrate, this is a subject for another time; the thing about fasting and praying is that it brings one closer to God by moving mentally and spiritually away from the world for a space and time.

The Essentials of Praying and Fasting

This connection to God creates a focus and power that allows for clarity and this is a way to bring on answered prayers or to have a function once petitioned granted. This is the power of fasting and praying. Many people however use this to look pious and religiously superior.

They fast and tell people they are fasting, and they wear these “fasting” sad faces to express they are doing the Lord’s bidding, that they are spiritual. The Lord Jesus requires we act as if we ate a full course meal when we are fasting, because really we are if we are fasting for the Lord’s sake.

We are eating through the Lord’s Word. The Lord rewards us openly for fasting privately, much like giving to the poor, it should be a personal and private affair. Pray and fast with the right intentions because praying and fasting can and will improve your life and the lives of those who come into contact with you.


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