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Ezekiel 23 Chapter Study Part 1

Ezekiel 23 Chapter Study Part 1

Welcome to Ezekiel 23 chapter study (not to be confused with our chapter summaries). Although we are not studying the entire book of Ezekiel, which we will soon, we were reading this chapter and felt it necessary to expound on it as a study.


Alongside with Ezekiel chapter 16, this chapter is graphic and even may appear derogatory towards women because of the use of the language “whore” and “harlot” as being used towards the sisters.

The Lord beautifully composed the Songs of Solomon for our understanding of the love God has for the church and the Creation. The Lord was just as detailed in allowing us to understand, in our terms, the nature of what these sisters have done to the Heavenly Kingdom.

Ezekiel 23 Shows the Deepness of God’s Feelings

Ezekiel 23 holds no punches. This chapter study gets right in the face of the children of Judah and Israel. It highlights the weakness of their heart and self-esteem as a people. It compares their behavior to some of the vilest behavior on the earth.

Nevertheless, with a good understanding of this chapter will allow the student to understand the deepness of God’s relationship with the children of Israel. It will show us as well the hurt and foolishness of their actions towards their King and Maker.

Beware when studying with children! While we attempted to keep the chapter study as PG as possible, someone may have to explain things to younger audiences. Thank you for being here as always, and please leave a comment if you will of how this study resonates with you.

Ezekiel 23 Chapter Study
Ezekiel 23 is like Reality TV

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